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Not Sure Which 24k Gold Leaf to Buy?



5 x 24K Pure Gold Leaf

5 x 24k Gold Leaf on base

Gold Leaf Sample Pack.

If you can't decide if you need Pure 24K Gold Leaf, or need to test the quality of the 24k Gold Leaf on base then this is the item for you.

The 24K Gold Leaf on base is an excellent material for Gilding, Art and Design and for projects that require a large quantity of gold leaf. The Pure 24K Gold Leaf has to be used if you are burning, melting or eating this product. Its ideal for cake decorating and very special projects.





This is 24K Pure Gold Leaf - Guaranteed

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Frequently Asked Questions:






  • 24K Pure Gold Leaf:

Edible - Cake decoration, confectionary.

Face Masks - Eliminates Toxins from the skin

Art & Design both indoors and outdoors.

Gilding - Picture Frames, Statues, Monuments, Sculptures, Furniture Books, Lettering etc..

It Can be Used on a Variety of Surfaces.

  • 24K Gold Leaf on Base:


Art Design

Sign Making


Books, Statues, Picture Frames etc.



Item Description


Product:   -  5 x 24k Pure Gold Leaf. 5 x 24K Gold Lefa on Base

Size:   - 3.5cm x 3.5cm plus 4.5cm x 4.5cm

Condition:   - Brand New - Unopened

Packaging:   - Each leaf is layered between paper and sealed in a waterproof zip lock bag.







  • What will I receive?

5 x 24K Gold Leaf on base, plus 5 x 24k Pure Gold Leaf.



  • Is the 24K Pure Gold Leaf Edible?

  Yes the 24k PURE gold leaf is edible. This can be used on all types of confectionary. The 24K Gold Leaf on base can not be used for edible decorations

  • Can I use both for gilding?

Yes, there is a full list of uses to the left. If you require larger amounts

  • Can I melt and burn any of it?

Yes you can melt and burn the 24k Pure Gold Leaf. As its 99.9% pure you will end up with a small nugget of pure gold. The 24K Gold Leaf on base can not be melted nor burned.

  • Can I return the product if I am not happy?

  Yes, but it must be in its full original state. You will have to pay the postage.

  • I have a large gilding project, do you sell larger quantities?

Yes we do, we sell 24K Gold leaf on base. This is gold leaf that has been evaporate with a 24K gold. it is not suitable for eating, but perfect for gilding. .





There are a lot of different qualities of Gold Leaf available today. Don't be fooled by sellers, selling  inferior quality composite gold leaf as 24K Gold. Below are two very easy ways to test whether you have 24K gold or a Gold composite.

We sell 24k Pure Gold Leaf and 24k Gold Leaf on base. The 24k Gold leaf on Base is a very affordable, good product if you require a gilding material for art and design or for larger projects. for more information.

If you are not sure which product you require I also do a testing sample pack, five 24K Pure Gold Leaf and five 24K Gold Leaf on Base.


24K Gold Leaf on Base is NOT a Composite Gold Leaf


Beware - "All that glitters might not be gold"

Not all 24k Gold Leaf sold on eBay is 24K. If you want the best, you need a superior 24K, not the cheaper composite, which contains no real gold. It is gold leaf in colour only. Here's SiamSuzie's method to tell if it's real 24 K gold BEFORE you make your purchase: Check the price first! It's that simple. 24K gold leaf has it's priced indexed with the price of Gold on the Gold markets. If the 24K gold you are buying is at a suspiciously low discounted price, it is very possibly NOT 24K as no one would sell it at a loss.



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