Item Description
SX-175 POWERCABINET  Replacement Final 
    Brand new item just on the market! and a great price!   Check out install Video we do not claim any right or ownership of this video )

Just put on the market!!! Replacement Final Amplifier and Low Pass Filter Section
for Magnum S Series 175 Watt Amateur Radios
Included Parts:
Aluminum Top Cabinet and Bottom Cabinet/Heatsink
175+ Watt Final Amplifier - Low Pass Filter - Directional Coupler Circuit Board Assembly
Heavy-Duty Aluminum Mounting Bracket
Heavy-Duty, 12 Gauge, 10 Foot Power Cord Assembly with 30A Inline Fuse
3 Models - Different Microphone Jack Cutouts in Cabinets
SX-175-3 for S-3175 (no cutouts in cabinet for side microphone jacks)
SX-175-6 for S-6175 (cutout on right side of cabinet for microhone jack)
SX-175-9 for S-9175 {cutouts on both sides }
Upgrade your
50 Watt
to a 175 Watt Radio
with the
SX-175 PowerCabinet!    
                                                                                                            NOTE: (This Unit can be used on other DX  and duel final radio’s with up to 50 watt output)    for other pictures go to  this link                                                                                                                                        

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