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Survivor 16 - Micronesia - Fans vs Favorites -- Now Available

Survivor - ANY SEASON on dvd. 6 DVD DISC SET. (please see below for some answers to many of the common questions I am asked)


**Now that Survivors - Borneo, Australian Outback, Pearl Islands, All-Stars, Vanuatu, and Palau are difficult to find in stores, I will now begin offering these shows on dvd.  Number of dvd's per season varies between 4 and 6 and the cost will vary between $12-15 per season depending upon the number of discs per season.  A 4 disc season will cost $12 and a 6 disc season will cost $15.  If interested in any of these seasons, please ask a question and I will answer with an offer and more information about the season you want to purchase.

You may purchase ANY season of Survivor that I offer for this price.  You may also purchase additional seasons.  Additional shipping rates apply.  Contact me for more information.

My Survivor dvd's come on 6 dvd's per season. Others may only sell on 4 or even worse, 3 dvd's per season. I only have 3 episodes per season on each dvd.  These are also region free so they will play on any dvd player worldwide. (Since I have been selling here, other sellers have lowered the price of their sets. There is a reason for that. Don't be fooled by the lower price of others selling an inferior product).

Each dvd is interactive and contains menu's and chapter points. Each printable dvd has a printed label.  These 6 dvd's come in paper or plastic cd/dvd sleeves for shipping reasons.  With every purchase, I will emaill you my own personally made dvd case covers if you wish to print case covers for your own dvd cases.

I've received many inquiries and orders from people that have purchased the same from other sellers because they were unhappy with their previous purchase. Don't let this happen to you. You have only yourself to blame if you purchase an inferior 3 or 4 disc set from others. I have also sold more than 400 dvd sets to people on this site, other auction sites, and direct to customer with NO complaints.

Shipping: You may purchase multiple seasons and have your shipping combined using the following additional prices.

USA - $4.15 1st Class -- add $1.00 per each additional season

Canada - $5.00 Airmail -- add $1.75 per additional season

Worldwide - $8.95 Airmail -- add $2.50 per additional season

Insurance optional - $1.85 (USA Only) Insurance is NOT available for Non-US purchases

I accept Paypal or money orders. Money orders are for US Purchases ONLY. ALL Non-US purchases MUST purchase with Paypal.

**ATTENTION CANADIAN BIDDERS: Please note that canadian customs MAY delay shipments by up to 2 weeks. Normal airmail to Canada should take 4-10 business days. Lately, some packages have been delayed. I am not responsible for this delay and ship all packages within 1 day of payment received.

ATTENTION ALL INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS: I am not responsible for any taxes imposed by your local customs. I ship all packages marked as a gift and claim the amount paid as the cost of the item. Your local customs decides if they open packages or makes you pay a duty tax.

**Please also see my auctions for The Amazing Race seasons 1-11, The Amazing Race Asia, and Bands Reunited.  I will be adding more items in the future

Answers to common questions -- (includes the long drawn out answers I am not able to provide through Ioffers answer box)

1) Do your dvd's contain commercials?  No, all commercials are edited out making each episode run about 42 minutes.

2) Do you include the live reunion show or Early Show interviews/check presentation?  I include the live reunion show but do NOT include any Early Show interviews.  The reunion show is part of the normal broadcast so it is included.  I strive for the best picture quality possible and I believe I am the only one selling Survivor on 6 dvd's per season.  If you do the math, that equates to only 3 episodes per dvd (Survivor runs 14 episodes per season plus the reunion show. The finale is 2 hours long making each viewable season of Survivor 16 hours long).  If I added the Early Show, like some others that sell on here, that would be another 10-12 minutes of programming added to each episode (or in my case, 30-36 more minutes per dvd).  That is an awful lot of extra video to be added to my dvd's making the actual show lose valuable video quality.  This is why I do not add the Early Show interviews.

3) If I purchase multiple seasons, will you offer me a discount on price and shipping?  I always offer discounts on shipping for multiple season purchases.  You may see this information above in the shipping section of the main listing.  I do offer a discount on multiple season purchase, to some degree.  I will usually make you an offer/counter offer if you purchase more than 4 seasons at the same time.  Purchase 3 seasons or less and you need to pay the full $15 per season you purchase.  Here is why.  I do not purchase cheap dvd+/-r that you can buy at Best Buy, Target or Office Max.  I purchase Professional grade inkjet printable dvd-r dvd's (Taiyo Yuden) that cost roughly 3-4 times more than what you can buy in the stores listed above and probably what that guy who sells any season on 4 dvd's for $10 per season and free shipping.  My profit margin is probably a little less than his even though I am offering you 6 dvd's at $15 per season plus shipping.  Why do I do this? Simple, my dvd's are more durable and are less prone to scratches than the cheap Best Buy dvd's (Memorex, PlayO, BenQ, Beall, Prodisc, etc).  Plus you get a printed season specific, disc specific label printed directly onto each press on labels.  This is why I can only offer a discount on multiple season purchases over 4 seasons.

As a side note to the last answer, look at question 2 and ask yourself how the guy that is selling on 4 dvd's per season is cramming an extra 150 minutes of Early Show interviews (15 episodes at 10 min per interview) onto just 4 dvd's?  Makes you wonder what the quality of those dvd's are like.  No wonder they are only $10 per season.  I guess you get what you pay for.

I will add more common questions and answers as they come in. 

Also please note, of the 80 or so dvd seasons I have sold on this website only about 20 have left feedback.  Many that have purchased and did not leave feedback have returned and purchased another season.  None have complained about bad discs or video quality, whether they left feedback or not.  This is the third auction site I have sold on, and my current Ioffer feedback includes my Ebay and Yahoo auction feedback in it.  I have never received 1 negative feedback reply.