Item Description

Never released on CD, this is a high quality variable bit mp3, transferred from vinyl and remastered. Took me a long time to even find it on vinyl. Even if this was available on CD, it would not sound as good as analog vinyl, and I've remastered this so it sounds even better. No clicks, no pops, increased stereo sound field.

THIS IS NOT A CD! Nothing is mailed. This is a DOWNLOAD. Shipping costs cover my ioffer and paypal fees, manual uploading, and are part of the cost. You will receive a personal link to download high quality MP3's, ready to transfer to your Ipod or you can burn it yourself to cd.

It's a classic soundtrack that was never released except on tape and vinyl. Beware those who claim to sell this on 'original' CD, and charge you ridiculous prices. They are also either rips from tapes or vinyl, and you pay through the nose for artwork and their claim of legitimacy.

1.  The Legend - Jerry Reed

Incidental CD dialogue (Bandit and Snowman)

2. Westbound and down - Jerry Reed

3. Foxy lady - Bill Justis

CB dialogue - Bandit, Smokey and Snowman 

4. Orange blossom special - Ervin.T Rouse

5. The Bandit - Jerry Reed

6. March of the rednecks - Bill Justis

7. If you leave me tonight I'll cry - Gerald Sanford

8. East bound and down - Jerry Reed

Incidental CB dialogue (Bandit and Snowman) 

9. The Bandit - Dick Feller

10. And the fight played on! - Bill Justis

11. Ma cousin plays steel - Bill Justis

12. Hot pants fuzz parade - Bill Justis

Incidental CB dialogue (Snowman and Smokey)

13. The Bandit (reprise) - Dick Feller 

Click the link to hear samples of each track (reduced quality for streaming purposes)  from the soundtrack: