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I have for sale a high quality, cd
remaster of this 1978 Christian children's album by Jan and Clark
Gassman called "Share A Little Sunshine". This classic album
contains the song "Jesus Loves The Little Children" plus 10 others
songs, such as the title track, Funny People, We Are The Children,
Jesus Is The Only One, I Will Always Love You, Celebrate, I Just
Wanna Be, I'm A Pot I'm A Vessel, Keep 'Em Corners Up, and Beyond
This album is out-of-print and is
not available on cd format, so I had it professionally remastered
onto cd-r format! All the hiss and pops associated with records
have been removed for a cd quality recording! The cd also comes
with the front/rear album artwork.

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U.S. s/h $3. Canada $7. Worldwide International shipping $10.

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