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Roller Derby 1Renegades vs The Pioneers1973 Color
Roller Derby 2 IRDL 1973 Bombers vs Pioneers Color
Roller Derby 3 IRDL Bombers Chiefs 1973 Color
Roller Derby 4 Interviews- Joan Weston + Plus Various others- 45 Minutes
Roller Derby 5 Bay Area Bombers - New York Chiefs 1973
Roller Derby 6 1985 Bay Bombers Pioneers IRSL
Roller Derby 7 1980 Complete Bay Bombers Jolters Color
Roller Derby 8 IRSL All-Stars Bombers Color 1984 Weston W/ the Men
Roller Derby 9 Championship Game 1981 Joan Weston Color
Roller Derby 11 Bombers vs Red Devils 1973 O'Connell
Roller Derby 12 Chiefs vs Bombers + Pioneers 1978
Roller Derby 14 1958 + 59 Ravens vs Chiefs + Braves (2 Hours)
Roller Derby 13 Playoffs Pioneers vs Jolters 1973 Weston
Roller Derby 15 Color Midwest Pioneers NY Chiefs 1973
Roller Derby 16 Jolters & Bombers 1973 O'Connell
Roller Derby 17 Bombers - Westerners Championship Game 1959 O'Connell
Roller Derby 18 Bay Bombers Chiefs 1960 Mike Gammon
Roller Derby 19 NY Chiefs Jolters 1950s Ann Calvello No helmets
Roller Derby 20 Washington Jets - Brooklyn Red Devils 1952
Roller Derby 21 1959 Bombers vs Braves then Ravens
Roller Derby 22 1959 Ravens vs Braves then Chiefs
Roller Derby 23 1959 Chiefs vs Braves then Bombers
Roller Derby 24 1959 Braves vs Bombers then Chiefs
Roller Derby 25 1959 Championship Bombers vs Westerners

Game #1

Renegades vs The Pioneers
Inter League Skating

Western Renegades with Danny Reilly, Toni Kadrmas & Patti 'Moo Moo' Cavin take on Derby's Midwest Pioneers with Weston, Ronnie Robinson, Bob Hein, Darlene Forbes & Nick Scopas in the Midwest. Chet Coppock talks to Kadrmas & Weston in one of our favorite interviews, and then it's Weston & Robinson at the end of another segment. Two separate games from January, '73.

One's a first half; the other's a second half.
Bonus action

Los Angels Braves vs All Stars
Two periods- Run-Time 26 Minutes

Total Run –Time abut 2 hours

Game #2

Bay Area Bombers vs The Pioneers
Keysar Stadium San Francisco
The better part of a full game (Both halves)
The Midwest Pioneers with Joan Weston, Francine Cochu,
Charlie O’Connell Tony Roman Bob Hine
Bay Bombers with Charlie O’connell, Tony Roman, Margie Laszlo, Pete Boyd,
Captain Delores Tucker, Gil Orozco, Alvin Mallory, Bob Dancel,
James Paul, Jim Cook, Kathy Pulliam & Debbie Cho
Jerry Seltzer commentates
An over zealous fan jumps on the rail to take a few punches at Ronnie Robinson.
Joan Weston interview post game
No commercials
Quality is extraordinary in color
Run-Time is about 100 minutes

Game #3

Bay Area Bombers vs The Chiefs
June 10, 1973
Keysar Stadium San Francisco
The better part of a full game (Both halves)

This is a wild game with Pete Boyd leading the Bombers men with Charlie O out.
Bill Groll and Dynamite Mike Gammon at their best
See Groll and Boyd battle it out all night while Mike Gammon and Tony Roman, two of the greatest jammers of all-time, go at each other all night!  Joan Weston, Sandy Dunn,

Walt Harris + Jerry Seltzer commentate
Interviewed at half time are Barbra Baker + Joe Perez of the Chiefs
Bill Groll interviewed Post-Game

No commercials
Quality is extraordinary in color
Run-Time is about 95 minutes

Game #4

Joan Weston is profiled on a sports show
Includes on and off track interview!
Run-Time 20 Minutes
Various skaters are interviewed
Run-Time 25 minutes
Total Run-Time on this disk is 45 Minutes

Game #5

9/73 – Bay Area Bombers vs New York Chiefs
Championship Round Game from Classic Woodberry
O'Connell battles in one explosive half. 4 periods of skating
11/73 - Bombers - Chiefs, Nassau Col
Charlie O'Connell leads his red shirt Bombers against the NY Chiefs.
Dynamite Mike Gammon jams against Tony Roman and O'Connell battles Bill Groll in 4 exciting periods.
Don Drewry talks with Tony Roman at the end of one half, then Mr. Roller Derby Charlie O' at the end

Game #6

Last regular season game of the 1985 season
A complete game, 8 periods of IRSL skating from Sacramento featuring the Bay Bombers & Pioneers
85 Bay Bombers with Weston, Groll, Larry Lewis, Baker, Garello, Rita Williams, Frank Apodaca & Chris Keenan while the Pioneers are loaded with the likes of Cattell, Vallow, Erich, Stafford, Perez, Gipson & Taft Waters.
Three Referees are on the infield to keep order
Ken Kunzelman does the play-by-play with Rich Gould
There are several Interviews throughout the game with JoJo Stafford, Barbara Baker, and Jerry Cattell

Game #7

1980 IRSL Roller Derby
The Jolters take on the Bay Bombers.
Legendary Roller Games star, 'Little Richard' Brown skates on the Jolters along with Alphono Reyes, Jan Vallow, Darnay McPherson & Sherri Erich
The Bombers with Captain Weston, Coach Cliff Butler, Bill Groll, Delores Tucker & Carol Meyer
Vallow & Weston are interviewed.

Game #8

Joan Weston skates 2 jams for men

1984 from Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco
The IRSL All-Stars vs. Bay Bombers in the Bombers' 30th Anniversary Game
A complete game, EIGHT PERIODS and in this one
Joan Weston skates with the MEN for a couple of minutes during the game
All-Stars have Jan Vallow, Alphonso Reyes, James Paul, B.J. Peterson, Sherri Erich, JoJo Stafford, Allen Littles & Gwen Miller
The Bombers have Weston, Bill Groll, Mike Gammon, Larry Lewis,
Delores Tucker & Francine Cochu.

Game # 9

Championship Game 1981
San Francisco Bay Bombers vs Midwest Pioneers
Oakland Auditorium Arena

This has both the Men + Women Skating
Both Complete Half’s of this game
(Somehow the score is adjusted at half time with no explanation)
Color- With No Commercials
Total Run-Time about 100 Minutes
Quality is Very Good


 Joan Weston, Delores Tucker, Bill Groll + Tony Roman


 Jo Jo Stafford, Joe Perez, Sandy Dunn

Game #10

1973 - Pioneers - Renegades - Hammond In

Danny Reilly leads his wild Renegades against Ronnie Robinson, Joan Weston, Nick Scopas, Bob Hein and the rest of the talented Midwest Pioneers.

Watch Patti "Moo Moo" Caven, Tonette "The Body" Kadrmas, Dallas Everett and the rest of the Renegades skate a rare inter-league game.

Chet Coppock interviews Kadrmas & Weston,
then it's Weston & Robinson at the end of another segment
Full game but quality not the Best
One Hour + 40 minutes of action

Game #11

Bombers vs Red Devils
IRDL Roller Derby
Kezar Pavilion.
May 23, 1973
A wild game from start to finish,
Charlie O'Connell and Bob Woodberry go at it
Ann Calvello at her very best
Eight Periods with the newly-formed Red Devils vs. Bay Bombers
Ann Calvello, Bob Woodberry, Rosetta Saunders, Bobby Seever, 'Aloha Linda' Villanueva, Rose Duran, Alphonso Reyes (with Monte on the infield)
Against O'connell, Laszlo, Tucker, Roman, Meyer, Orozco & Pete Boyd.
Woodberry keeps going after Laszlo!
Walt Harris talks with Saunders at halftime, then Red Devil manager,
Ken Monte, at the end.
Excellent quality

Game #12

1978 - Bombers -Chiefs from Kezar Pavilion
The Bombers field a loaded squad that includes Charlie O'Connell, Bill Groll, Mike Gammon, Tony Roman, Joan Weston and Delores Tucker.

The Chiefs counter with Joe "The Jet" Foster, Allen Littles, Sandy Dunn, Joe Perez and Gerry Murray in her final season.

Don Drewry calls the action with Nick Scopas.
2 periods just fair picture quality.
1978 - Pioneers - Chiefs from Kezar Pavilion
The Chiefs field a loaded squad that includes Buddy Atkinson Jr, Sandy Dunn,
Alfonso Reyes, Debbie Cho, Jerry Cattell and Rita Williams.

The Pioneers field The Bald Eagle Bob Hein, Joe Perez, Darlene Forbes,
Sherri Erich and Larry Stull.
Don Drewry calls the action with Ken Monte.
3 periods just fair picture quality.

Game #13

Chicago Pioneers vs Jolters 9-73, Championship Round Game, Oakland Coliseum
This was a typical playoff game with hard blocking, good strategy and few penalties. Buddy Atkinson Sr was leading his hustling Pioneers against the physically bigger Jolters.
The Jolters included Coach Cal Stephens, Jerry Cattell, Jan Vallow, Barbara Baker, Pam Caneva, Rose Duran, Mike Moore and Charles Gipson.
Good hard blocking by Stephens and Cattell and good jamming from Nick Scopas and Johnny Wrice.
The Pioneers lineup had Coach Ronnie Robinson, Bald Eagle Bob Hein, Bill Hill, Johnny Wrice, Candy Jones, Francine Cochu and the Golden Girl Joan Weston.
Halftime interview with Jerry Cattell as he tells Walt Harris how dirty the Pioneers skate and that he is not afraid of Ronnie Robinson.
End of game interview with Buddy Sr and he tells Walt Harris that the T-Birds will have all they can handle in their upcoming series.
Excellent quality picture

Run-Time Over 90 Minutes

Game #14

1958 Ravens vs Chiefs
1959 Ravens vs Braves

Each Game Runs about an Hour
Black + White
Quality slightly dull but still watchable
Run Time about Two Hours

Game #15

Jolters & Bombers in TWO separate games
Keysar Stadium San Francisco
April 22 & August 5, 1973

O'connell, Tony Roman, 'Peanuts' Meyer, Pete Boyd, Delores Tucker, Laszlo, Orozco, Vallow, Cattell, Stephens, Larry Smith & Francine Cochu

Plus there's Rosetta Saunders skating with the Jolters in one game,
then Bombers in another.

Interviews with Boyd and Cattell
Excellent Quality
Run-Time over 1 Hour + 30 Minutes

Game #16

Pioneers - Chiefs 1973
Civic Center Hammond Indiana

Sandy Dunn and Bill Groll lead the Chiefs against Ronnie Robinson and Joan Weston's Pioneers.

Chet Coppock calls the action as you'll see some of the greatest jammers of all time in Nick Scopas and Mike Gammon.

End of game interview with Mike Gammon and Don Drewry
Excellent quality

Run-Time over 1 Hour and 30 Minutes

Game #17

Bombers – Westerners
Championship Game Cow Palace
Sept. 3, 1959

The Westerners led by Coach Hal Janowitz upset the highly favored Bay Bombers

The Bombers led by MVP Charlie O'Connell had Bill Laurino, Annis "Big Red" Jensen, Ruberta Mitchell, Judy Sowinski and Wild Man Bobby Seevers.

The Westerners did a workman like job this game with their stars Cowboy Dave Battersby, Franky Macedo, Ann Bauer, Billy Gardner and Loretta Behrens.

Walt Harris on the play by play with Ken Nydell on color, 2nd
Average Video Quality, Good Sound

Game #18

Chiefs-Bombers 1960 –
The SF Bay Bombers led by Bill Laurino field Ruberta Mitchell, Julian Silva,
Bobby Seevers, Georgy Adams and more.

The Chiefs with infield coach Gene Gammon field a strong squad that includes Judi McGuire, Buddy Atkinson Jr, Mike Gammon, Ronnie Robinson, Gerry Murray and Pete Mangone.

This is a fast skated game complete with network commercials
Elmer Anderson does the play by play.
Four periods

Game #19

Rare Roller Derby action from the 50's
The New York Chiefs skate against Jersey Jolters
Ken Nydell describes the action.
There are 4 different 2 period segments or equivalent of one game.
Average fair picture quality but sound sharp and still very watchable

The Jolters had a strong women's field that included Toughie Brasuhn, Loretta Behrens, Jean Porter and Lulu Palermo.
The men had speedy Joe Marinero and Don Lewis leading the way.

The Chiefs had longtime stalwarts Gerry Murray and Gene Gammon leading the women and men.
The roster included Ann Calvello, Gloria Mack, Betty Clements, Jack Wilson and PeeWee Rains. Loretta Behrens vs Ann Calvello on 2 jams for some exciting skating.

No helmets- close to 2 hours

Game #20

Washington Jets - Brooklyn Red Devils 1952
The Jets were lead by Sammy Scobel
and the Red Devils led by their long time coach Ken Monte backed by Sid Harnesk.
2 periods

Game # 21
1959 Bombers vs Braves
1959 Bombers vs Ravens (video jumps last 3 minutes)

Each game runs about 50 Minutes

Black + White

Quality is somewhat faded


Game # 22
1959 Ravens vs Braves

1959 Ravens vs Chiefs
Each game runs about 55 Minutes

Black + White

Quality is Excellent

Game # 23
1959 Chiefs vs Braves
1959 Chiefs vs Bombers

Each game runs about 55 Minutes

Black + White

Quality is Excellent


Game # 24
1959 Bombers vs Braves
1959 Braves vs Chiefs

Each game runs about 55 Minutes

Black + White

Quality is Very Good


Game # 25
1959 Bombers vs Chiefs (video jumps last 3 minutes)
1959 Bay Bombers vs Chicago Westerners

Championship Final

Second Half

Each game runs about 55 Minutes

Black + White

Quality is Very Good