Item Description
last one from my collection to let go!
is an early silver party pin that is a step above the regular
‘stamped” out pins that were available. It is more akin
to a shield, and is solid and silver colored metal. The pin is a
huge 1 and 7/8ths of an inch tall, and weighs in at 10.5 grams. It
has a very strong pin, whereas some of the Nurnberg pins have a
“tinnie” type feel and cheaper pin assembly. This
variant is thick, solid and is more like a badge for uniform wear
in appearance and heft. As to history.
There had actually been a decline in Rally support in the year
1928, and no rally was held that year, although there were some
160,000 member rallies held the year before. But in 1929 Hitler got
a boost from supporters in Germany's industrial sector and he won
over the Stalhelm political party for support as well, so a new
Rally was planned. This was the first rally since 1926.
The 1929 rally began on August the 2
nd and was held in Nurmberg. There was the traditional
flag ceremony where 25 new SA standards and eleven new storm flags
were carried by the SA that were present at the Munich putsch
(stained with the blood of the men wounded in the street fighting
at that event - remember the Ferherrenhalle).
Nazi party charged about 50 phennig for the rally pins, and quality
varied. You will not find a better one out there. The next rally
would not be held until 1933.
Detlev Niemann places the value within his 2008, edition 3
masterpiece work at $160.00 in his 2008, Edition 3 book.
No defects, solid badge, mild wear