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This technology truly is the cutting edge of projector and personal entertainment.  These were featured at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Here is a little education of why the new Micro Projectors we have are the wave of the future.  Most folks are familiar with the home entertainment projectors and business models that are used to do presentations for schools and business.  The cost on the traditional projectors runs anywhere from $400-$1000.  They use a high intensity bulb to project the image onto a screen and need a plug-in power supply to run.  They typically have to be connected to a laptop or TV to display their image and content.  They tend to heat up during operation due to the high intensity conventional bulb and can be noisy as the fan runs.  The bulbs are rated in hours (1000-2000) of use and when they go bad are extremely expensive to replace. As they age they dim, so the longer you use it the less effective the projector becomes.  While great for large rooms and halls they are not very portable, need an AC source and are expensive to maintain. 

Enter the latest revolution in portable micro projectors!  The new LED Pocket Projectors will be popping up everywhere very soon.  Not only that, you will start to see them integrated into Cell phones, Ipods, and Digital Cameras.  These small hand-held projectors are truly amazing. They have a built-in rechargeable battery so there is no need to be tied to a power plug.  They will also run off the AC adapter and charge the battery back up at the same time!  They feature multiple ways to view all sorts of media. 

Just like a standard projector you can connect a laptop (all makes and models including Apple) DVD player, Ipod, game system, TV, Cell Phone etc., to the projector if you so desire.  They use an LED light source which means their useful life far exceeds conventional  projectors by thousands of hours (20000-30000).  The LED light source runs far cooler than a conventional projector with no long cool down period.  The units charge off an included power adapter or USB port.  Cables are included for AV connection via a simple set of RCA jack connectors as well as cable for VGA connection on laptop.  Once connected it the projector "auto senses" the type of connection and beginds to display!  Its that simple.  Set it on the included tripod and off you go. I had my kids test them (always a good way to test market anything) and they loved the ability to have "Movie Night" or play their Xbox in their rooms. 
These small projectors fit in your pocket yet project up to 50" on any surface (Walls, Screens, Curtains, Sheets!)  Now, we won't deceive you, there are some limitations, if you're in a bright sunlit room and try to project from across the room, they are not very effective.  But dim the lights or move closer to the screen/wall (as pictured) and you get a razor sharp image. Well, I hope that helped explain what these new devices can do.  They are very easy to use and as always we are here to help if you need us.  We are here to provide cutting edge technology that is easy to use, practical and cost effective.  Our projector is not a cheap knock off that some vendors are carrying with an off market projector module that wont display sharp clear images. It's a 3M light engine and smaller and more compact, simple to use and built to last. Remember you do get what you pay for!    Below you will find the technical specs of the unit with some explanation of what they all actually mean to you.  By all means, ask questions, just like with our laptops we pride ourselves on our great customer service. 

  • Resolution (H x V): 640 x 480 (this is a standard, projects sharp crisp picture)
  • Lens: f=71mm, F=2.5 (This basically means the unit has a small focus wheel to adjust as needed)
  • Light source: Single Chip White LED : 15 Lumen (LED source long life, Lumens is brightness of bulb - dim the lights!)
  • Imaging size: 21 inches at the distance of 1 meter (Just gives you an idea how far back you need to be to project 21")
  • Maximum projective size up to 50-inch (Need we say more - in a dimmed room you get huge display)
  • Effective distance 0.6 to 6m (Means you can only go so far back from wall)
  • A/V input connector and VGA for Laptop (Connect with standard RCA cables, Video yellow Audio left white and right red or Laptop VGA!)
  • Consumption power: 6W ,DC 5V/1.3A (totally meaningless info for non-techies)
  • Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery 3.75V/1900mAH,  batteries for up to 1-2 hours (Not bad and you can plug into wall if needed and run off cord)

Please ask questions now.  These are cutting edge products, and priced at a fraction of what a conventional projector would cost.  Imagine going to a business meeting, popping this out of your pocket and giving your presentation.  Have family movie night, make some popcorn and watch a show outside under the stars on the side of your house or camper! Connect your Ipod and play your movies any place, anytime on a big screen.  Connect your Gameboy or Xbox and play on a big inch screen as you battle the bad guys or race around the track.  Needless to say your creativity is the only limitation. 
. The unit comes with the standard RCA cable connection and VGA cable connection which handles most uses, to connect additional devices like Ipod, cell phone, ect you may need to use different cables but these are readily available at Radio Shack or Best and as always we are here to help to make sure you get all set up.  With all the different devices that can be used, it would be impossible to include every cable so we stuck with the most common and more important easiest to set up!   These units are new in the box as pictured. They carry a 30-day warranty from us and a one year warranty from the supplier.  Please check our warranty policy.  If there is a problem with the unit we will repair or replace it as needed.  We have taken great pains to make sure we have described the unit and its capabilities and limitations in layman's terms.  We can also sell these in lots of any size, just let us know what your looking for and we will put together an auction package with reduced pricing per unit here on ebay just for you.  We call these training packs that realtors, teachers, and businesses have been buying for there sales forces and training departments.   We have provided video demo below.  We actually have both models we carry attached, but you will see the MP1 model as pictured!  Thanks If you have questions send us an email, or give us a call! Thanks as always for your time and your business! 

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