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Pickup101 (Lance Mason) - Zero Drama Dating & 60 Minute Seductions course

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Zero-Drama Dating
Disc 1: How to Get What You Want
Disc 2: Dating Multiple Women
Disc 3: Creating Casual Relationships
Disc 4: Surefire Steps to Keep Her Faithful
60-Minute Seductions
Disc 1: Escalation
Disc 2: The Supergirls Tell ALL!
Disc 3: Reading HER Signals
Disc 4: Field-Tested Seduction Techniques
Disc 5: Know when to Say "No"
Underground Art of Seduction Bonus
Disc 1: The History of Seduction, Andre
Disc 2: Your Goals, Dating Multiple Women & Rituals
Disc 3: Moving Things Quickly
Disc 4: Social Responses
Disc 5: Creating the Behavior You Want in Women
Includes Workbook
Bonus DVDs
Daniel Johnson - Three Minute Threesomes DVD
Dan Mangano and Joe Brody - Working the Room
He Said, She Said with Robbie and Raquel
3 Powerful Reasons Why You Absolutely NEED to Watch these DVDs:
Powerful Reason 1 : This is the last time we’ll reveal these “hardcore” secrets! We’ll probably never teach anything like this ever again… at least not in the full, uncensored, ultra-exclusive format you’ll experience with Zero-Drama Dating and 60-Minute Seductions.
We’re simply growing into too big of a company and the freaky, hardcore, sex secrets we share… the ultra-powerful seduction and “absolute power and choice” relationship management secrets I’ll share… are just too much for the general population to discover.
Powerful Reason 2 : One of the most helpful parts of the weekend was the interactive Question and Answer sessions.
After I had taught everything I had to teach in the first day and a half I opened it up for questions from the audience! I spent the rest of the night, answering every question the audience threw at me.
They grilled me for hours on end about everything I knew about seduction… making sex sizzle… keeping long-term relationships white-hot (which… by the way… is something I have done successfully, unlike a lot of pure “pickup artists” who can’t keep a relationship going who give men dating advice)… advanced pickup techniques… every problem the audience members were having – I gave the answer to.
Many said this part of the seminar alone was worth the entire price of admission… and I’d be inclined to agree. Especially when you consider…
Powerful Reason 3 : Learn the same information from me and pay a miniscule fraction of what the Art of Seduction attendees paid!