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Get All the Benefits of Creatine... AND MORE!!! Without the Bloating!
(30ct .Turkesterone Capsules - CERTIFIED Organic 40% HPLC - Highest Purity!)
Turkesterone Standardized at 40% HPLC
(Purest Grade Available!!!)
When it comes to ALL NATURAL sports supplements Turkesterone is the STRONGEST there is! In a day and age where Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts, and HARDCORE gym-rats are aiming to steer clear of "Banned Substances", Turkesterone is proving to be that ALL NATURAL EDGE that delivers RESULTS!!!
Turkesterone is an all natural extract from the Rhaponticum Carthamoid (Maral Root) plant . A member of the Ecdysterone kindgom (20-Hydroxyecdysone), Turkesterone is 2000% MORE POWERFUL than Beta-Ecdysterone!!! Standardized at 40% HPLC, you will be getting the Purest Grade of Turkesterone Available!
For DECADES Chinese, and Russian Olympians have known the secret of Turkesterone, and intentionally kept it a secret from Western Countries. Turkesterone allowed athletes to achieve "  statue like"   builds while improving athleticism TREMENDOUSLY. One huge reason Olympiads were able to achieve both great stature & athleticism was due to the UNIQUE adaptogenic qualities of Turkesterone. After intense training when testosterone levels drop, and the body is extremely vulnerable to muscle breakdown, Turkesterone's anti-catabolic characteristics almost COMPLETELY cut out any post workout catabolism! THERE IS NO MUSCLE BREAKDOWN!!!
It gets EVEN BETTER! The post workout catabolic reaction (muscle breakdown; and release of energy) is a huge reason why muscle gains cannot be sustained. Turkesterone not only buffers catabolic activity, but improves protein assimilation so when you have that post workout protein? More of it will be PUT TO WORK than EVER BEFORE! Resulting in STRENGTH and LEAN MASS gains!


(Wu Shude on his way to Gold in the 1984 Olympics)
NOTE: Record breaking Chinese long distance runners & Gold Medalist weightlifters used Turkesterone, but referred to it as Leuzea Root (Maral Root) extract!
With More and More research being translated from Russian research studies, into English, the benefits of Turkesterone seem to be MOUNTAINOUS, with no known side effects in 70 years of research! We have many benefits of Turkesterone Supplementation listed below.

The benefits of Turkesterone Supplementation!

  • Increased Synthesis of Fast and Slow Twitch Muscle Fiber Proteins
  • Increased Lean Muscle to Body Fat ratio
  • Improved Removal of Lactic Acid
  • Increased muscle glycogen concentrations
  • Improved Lactic Acid Threshold
  • Increased Metabolism Intensified with Lean Muscle Gain
  • Enhanced ATP and PCr Resynthesis
  • Increased Protein Assimilation
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Count
  • Improved Quality of Sleep
  • Improved Tolerance to Thermal Stress
  • Reduced Recovery Time
  • Improvements in Cardiac Function
  • Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant Effects
  • Mild Anti-Coagulant Effects
  • Enhanced Resistance to Infections
  • Improved Food Conversion Index (Amount of food required to produce a constant unit of living mass.)
  • Slight Stimulant Effect on the CNS Without Elevating Blood Pressure
  • Mild Anti-Depressant Effects
  • ALL BACKED 100% by Scientific Research !!!


All scientific studies have shown drastic results and is a HUGE REASON Turkesterone is quickly becoming popular in the body building & fitness world.

Turkesterone (ajuga turkestanica) is a harvested from the Rhaponticum cathamoides or Leuzea plant - thistle-like plants grown in Southern Siberia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Central Asia annually.

Item Details:

You will receive: 30 capsules of Turkesterone at 40% HPLC in pill form tightly packed & shipped in eco-friendly packaging.
Directions: Take one capsule 30-40 minutes prior to workout w/ shake or favorite pre-workout drink, AND EXPERIENCE THE POWER SURGE!!!
(Non-Workout days: 1 capsule in the morning prior to breakfast.)

Some of our customer Testimonials!!!
  • "I maintained a pump like never before! It wasn't a bloated pump either. It was a very solid vascular pump!!!"  John Age 19 - New Jersey
  • "I felt as like my endurance levels went up immediately allowing me to spend more time in the gym."  Carl Age 34 - Stockton, CA
  • "My bench went up 10 lbs in one week. Can I stack with creatine?" Mike Age 17 - Reno, NV
  • "I was able to tone up without the water retention. A huge bonus!"  Sarah - Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • "Am I supposed experience more vigor in bed, because that was the first thing I noticed when taking your turkesterone 40%?" Charles Age 37 - Austin, TX
  • "I just want to say that I keep track of my personal bests, and this supplement allowed be to reach 100 push ups consecutively! My previous best was 89."   Joseph Age 22 - Chicago, IL
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):
Q: How long will it take for me to feel Turkesterone working?
A: You will feel increased vascularity, and pumps within the 1st workout. Also improved depth of sleep will be experienced almost immediately as this maximizes and shortens recovery and is also a much sought after benefit that has led many athletes and bodybuilders to throw away their ZMA. Within 1-2 weeks you will notice increase in size and strength accompanied with stamina boosts.
Q: I'm a college wrestler. I am drug tested constantly. Is this legal and will it show up on a drug test?
A: Turkesterone is 100% NATURAL and LEGAL so please have no worries. We have many customers who participate in NCAA sports. So to answer your question NO.  =)

Q: Will Turkesterone give me "gynecomastia/b@tch-tits"?
A: No. Turkesterone will not give you or result in "gynecomastia". There is no increase or decrease in estrogen levels..
Q: Will I need a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) supplement after using Turkesterone?
A: No you will not need PCT's. Turkesterone does not amplify testosterone. Your natural levels of testosterone will be the same before and after. GUARANTEED!
Q: Will Turkesterone shrink or make my penis smaller???
A: No. Absolutely not. If anything, reports of sexual arousal, and increased stamina have been reported .
Q: How long will it take for my Turkesterone to get here?
A: Average shipping time is within 24 hours of receiving your order. Once shipped the average delivery time is between 3-5 business days. Globally shipping can take 8-15 business days. EXPRESS Mail is available. Just ask and we will invoice you for an EXPRESS Mail order.