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The BLACK DRAGON HERBAL SMOKING BLEND is a proprietary blend of ten sacred carefully-crafted 100% legal natural premium herbs working together harmoniously to help you to achieve a state of bliss--i.e., hypnotic repose, stimulation, and euphoria--that lasts for a pleasant amount of time.

Each herb on its own has been used as incense safely for thousands of years to bring profound states of relaxed awareness that soothes the mind while increasing a sense of well-being. It's perfect for helping enhance transformative states brought by deep meditation and relaxation, potentiating a rich, spiritual, aromatic experience.

The BLACK DRAGON HERBAL SMOKING BLEND contains a potent mixture of herbs, oils, extracts, and resins, with effects that are far from subtle.

The BLACK DRAGON HERBAL SMOKING BLEND provides a thick, smooth, pleasant, potent herbal smoke that is very satisfying.

The BLACK DRAGON HERBAL SMOKING BLEND is a proprietary mixture of herbs, oils, extracts, and resins that include: wild dagga, kratom; blue lotus, damiana; wild lettuce; scullcap; passion flower; mugwort; hops, and valerian.

Give our BLACK DRAGON HERBAL SMOKING BLEND a try and we know you'll be back for more.

Do not drive or operate machinery when under the influence of the BLACK DRAGON HERBAL SMOKING BLEND.

Do yourself a favor and get your BLACK DRAGON HERBAL SMOKING BLEND now before it's gone!

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