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Description :
Brand New Nintendo Wii Laser Lens Replacement
Up For Auction is an original New Wii Laser lens with laser deck for your Nintendo Wii Console. Replacing your old part with this new one will solve your problem! This factory new replacement solves most disc read errors (most not all, I am not responsible for your mis diagnosing your problems) Save money and fix your system by replacing the laser lens instead of the whole drive!!
The replacement can correct the below problems:
1.Your games are taking much longer to load then before
2.Your Wii is having trouble reading certain games
3.Jumping or Flickering screen during video playback
4.System shows "disc read error". ---- In my experience with the wii drive's when the system spins and you get a disc read error this is usually the the fix. If you insert a disc and you hear some clicking sounds but the disc does not spin ... there is a good chance this is the problem(the wii drive will not spin if this part has completely failed because it does not read a disc in the drive). If you insert a disc and hear nothing then this is usually not the problem but quite possibly the drive board or some other unrelated issue.
Installation Notes :To access the laser you must remove the driveboard from the drive. To do so you can either unsolder the connecting wires from the board OR unscrew the board and with some tweezers take the wires out from the clips built into the plastic drive housing. Pull the board back and gain access to the laser cover plate. Remove the one screw and the four clamps holding that down and you are good to replace the laser. Becareful of the small plastic clips holding the guide rails in place. All in all it is a very easy project and fixes most problems with the wii drive. (Again i am not responsible for you misdiagnosing your drives problems)
Package:1 X Nintendo Wii Laser Lens sealed in the original package
Compatible with:
All wii's drives use the same laser
Shipping will be USPS Priority Mail to Any one of the 50 States or its territories. At this time I will not ship outside of the U.S.
I accept paypal only. I will only shipped to confirmed Addresses.
Good Luck !!!