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128 games all in 1 system must see description this is a great deal and a great systemPower Player 128 in 1 - Super TV Game Plug-N-Play Entertainment System - Games, great toyPower Player 128 is a plug and play portable TV retro-gaming system that contains dosens of games. New in box - what you see in the picture is what you will get !These are all classic arcade and console games,like Pacman, Donkey Kong, Super Mario, and many more. There's an assortment of driving/racing games, both horizontal and vertical scrolling shooters, arcade classics, climbing/jumping games, martial arts kick/punch games, puzzles, strategy games, and more (see pictures for a few screenshots).Complete list of the games are list at bottom of the picture. All are built into the system itself! Yet it has a slot for new game cartriges.You just hook it up to a television at home or in your car and its ready to go .The System comes with 2 joysticks, a light gun, and all the accessories required for Play !Version: 4.5Use AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included)Brand: Generic ( this is NOT a Nintendo product) but most of the games are Nintendo games.Retail Price: $89.95 Our Price for clearance $31.30 only Plus shipment. Hurry before it is sold out few stock remainingList of games in the system as follows:- 1 CONTRA2 ALADDIN 33 DIGIMON VEEMON4 DIGMON AGUMON5 DIGIMON HAWKMON6 DIGIMON GATOMON7 DIGIMON PALMON8 TOY STORY 29 POKEMON10 KITTY11 NINJA TURTLES12 SOCCER13 SUPER MARIO14 TETRIS II15 ARKANOID16 194217 TWIN BEE18 ELEVATOR ACTION19 SPARTAN20 SQOON21 GYRODINGE22 SLACOM23 SUPER DYNAMIX24 GALG25 CIRCUS CHABLIE26 BRUSH ROLL27 90 TANK28 DUCK HUNT29 SMALL MARY30 GALAGA31 STAR FORCE32 STAR GATE33 SKY DESTROYER34 FORMATION Z35 EXERION36 MACROSS37 SPACE ET38 POOYAN39 POPEYE40 BINARY & LAND41 ARABIAN42 JOUST43 MILLIPEDE44 ANTARCTIC45 DOOR DOOR46 BALOON FIGHT47 WILD GUNMAN48 NINJA I49 KUNG FU50 URBAN CHAMPION51 COMBAT52 KARATEKA53 LODE RUNNER 254 ICE CLIMBER55 HELICOPTER56 ABRAMS TANK57 PINBALL58 DEVIL WORLD59 PAINTER60 CALCULATOR61 CLU CLU LAND62 F1 RACE63 TOY STORY64 ROAD FIGHTER65 ZIPPY RACE66 DIGDUG II67 EXCITE BIKE68 HYPER OLYMPIC 169 HYPER OLYMPIC 270 DIG DUG 171 BASE BALL72 TENNIS73 BINARY 474 LUNAR BALL75 10 YARD FIGHT76 SPEED TANK77 GOLF78 PAKMAN 379 WRESTLE80 HOGANS ALLEY81 MR PACMAN82 MILK & NUTS 283 FRONT LINE84 CITY CONECTION85 BIRD WEEK86 CLAY SHOOTING87 KITTY88 CIRCUS CHABLIE89 BRUSH ROLL90 90 TANK91 DUCK HUNT92 SMALL MARY93 GALAZA94 STAR FORCE96 SKY DESTROYER97 FORMATION Z98 EXERION99 MACROSS100 SPACE ET101 POOYAN102 POPEYE103 BINARY & LAND104 ARABIAN105 JOUST106 MILLIPEDE107 ANTARCTIC108 DOOR DOOR109 BALOON FIGHT110 WILD GUNMAN111 NINJA I112 KUNG FU113 URBAN CHAMPION114 COMBAT115 KARATEKA116 LODE RANNER 2117 ICE CLIMBER118 HELICOPTER119 PINBALL120 DEVIL WORLD121 CALCULATOR122 CLU CLU LAND123 F1 RACE124 ROAD FIGHTER125 ZIPPY RACE126 EXCITE BIKE127 NYPER OLYMPIC 1128 NYPER OLYMPIC 2