Item Description

EarMate Rechargeable Hearing Aid

        Brand new

A rechargeable hearing aid with medical CE approval. Saves a fortune on replacement batteries.

This micro unit fits into either ear and will allow forgotten enjoyment from the sounds of conversation, radio or television at normal volume.

Comes with 3 different sized ear tips so you can select the most comfortable fit - Large (14 mm), Medium (12 mm) and Small (9 mm).

Features :
* Designed to fit in either ear
* Supplied with 3 ear tips for different ear shapes
* Reduces background noise
* Clear sound reception with easy to adjust volume and on/off controls
* Recharges in the special cradle from a single AA battery or from the mains
* Up to 12 hours use when fully charged
* Sound alert when battery low
* Fully approved medical device to CE 0434 standard
* Supplied with rechargeable battery, 2 x AA battery and mains adapter

Technical Specifications:
* Standard Frequency: 2500 Hz
* Max. output sound level gain: 29 dB (+/- 5 dB) 0~20 dB
* Highest sound pressure level for input SPL 90 dB: 118 dB (+/- 5 dB) below 125 dB
* Equivalent input noise level: Below 29 dB

* Total Harmonic distortion value of reality:
2500 Hz: below 3%
800 Hz: below 4%
600 Hz: below 4%
* Battery Current: Below 0.8 mA / 2.5 V

* Battery type / life expectancy:
Button-size Rechargeable battery.
In continuous use: 7~12 hours/each recharged time.
500 times in total (may vary according to volume level used).

* Suitable for: Slight hearing obstacle
* Operating temperature / humidity: +10 degrees C ~ +40 degrees C, 30% ~ 85% RH
* Storage temperature / humidity: -10 degrees C to +60 degrees C, 30% ~ 85% RH

* Size:
Hearing Aid: 14.9 x 11.3 x 27.0 mm
Rechargeable case: 39.0 x 22.0 x 103.0 mm

* Weight:
Hearing Aid: 2.9g
Rechargeable case: 31g

* Material:
Hearing Aid: ABS
Rechargeable case: ABS
Ear Tip: Silicone
AC Adapter: ABS

Other information:
Digital aids process sound up to 90 percent faster than traditional analogue models. The digitized sound is separated into bands by the tiny microchip in the hearing aid and automatically adjusted to produce undistorted, clear sound. This also provides better accuracy and perception of loudness. Similar Digital Aids sell for £400 - £1,500!
This is an incredibly powerful micro-listening device that fits discreetly in your ear instantly magnifying all sounds to your preferred level with adjustable volume control. The slimline carry case doubles as a charging station with LED charging indicators for ease of use and complete portability. Once fully charged the mini digital aid can be used for up to 12 hours continuously. Auto shut off turns the power off when the case is closed, ensuring the unit is never left on by mistake. The Aid comes complete with cleaning brush, 3 x ear tips and rechargeable docking station complete with carry case (2 x AA battery and mains adaptor included).
A rechargeable battery is built inside the hearing aid. The battery can be recharged and discharged up to 500 times. To ensure a longer lifetime for the battery, place the hearing aid back into the charging case when not in use.
It is advised you recharge the hearing aid whenever it is not in use. Do not recharge it only when the battery is flat. This can help maintain the lifetime of the rechargeable battery and extend recharging and discharging up to a maximum of 1000 times.