Item Description

I am selling an adult owned modded PS2 that is in excellent condition. This PS2 allows you to play your normal Playstation 1 and 2 games but also imported games from other countries like Japan or Europe. Also allows you to backup your Playstation games onto CD-R or DVD-R and play them off the burned copy. Great way to keep your original copies new and scratch-free.

The PS2 has the DMS 3 chip with the updated firmware. More info about the modchip at

PS2 Mode:
Direct-boot ALL PS2 games including backups, imports, originals, silvers and DVD9.
PSX Mode:
Direct-boot PSX games including backups, imports, originals, silvers and most anti-mod games.
DVD Video Mode:
Play all region** DVD movies without Macrovision, RGB(Green-Screen) fixed.
Dev.olution Mode:
Boot applications such as the PS2reality Media Player from memory card as soon as the system starts up.
Sleep Mode:
Allows you to play online games*** that detect modchips.
Fast Boot Mode:
Skip the logo and go straight to the game.
Firmware Upgrade via CDR:
Upgrade your chip to the latest firmware by simply sticking a CDR with the upgrade on it into your PS2. No need to remove/replace your chip to get the latest updates. Write protection for Firmware Flash so it's impossible for a chip to be completely erased by rogue code or power-loss
during upgrade.

System comes with: 

- Guitar Hero 1 and 2, Karaoke Revolution, God Of War 2, and Ultimate Ninja+ about 35 backups + SNES and Sega Genesis emulator with games.

- 250 GB Maxtor Hard Drive with HD Loader. Will provide instructions on how to install games on the hard drive.

- 2 wireless controllers and 1 wired and memory card
- 2 Guitar controllers and a Dance Dance Revolution Pad
- 1 Karaoke Revolution Microphone and 1 Singstar Microphone
- Cables for RF, AV or Component video connection
- Carrying Bag
- Network Adapter 

Will ship to the lower 48 states. Insurance is included in shipping cost.

Guaranteed not to be DOA.

Only Paypal payment please.