Item Description

You get two options when ordering this xbox.

Option 1: Installed with 250GB HD apps and emulators is $199

Option 2: Pre-loaded 250GB HD with around 100 games of your choice, apps and emulators (from a list) is $239

This system is a perfect working microsoft xbox with a 250gb hard drive installed. These hard drives can hold from 50-100 FULL VERSION games. With just a push of a button the games load straight off the hard drive, and load faster then from the DVD. 

Here is all the software that is also included

The Latest Unleash-X Dashboard.

Xbox Media Center - Play all your favorite Divx, Xvid, .Avi, .Mov, .Mpeg, .Mp3, .Jpeg. Basically any file that the computer can play the xbox can play. Now you can watch all your favorite movies from your computer straight off the xbox onto your TV.

Xbox Ftp - Transfer files from
xbox 2 xbox with just a crossover ethernet cable. You and your friends can transfer games and movies.

DVD2Xbox - Backup Xbox games, and DVD movies straight onto your hard drive with a push of a button.

Linksbok - Browse the internet on your TV

Lock/Unlock - Software so you can lock or unlock your hard drive, used for xbox live.

DVD Player - No need for that extra dvd kit to watch dvd movies.

Tons of cool different skins for the xbox dashboard.

Emulators - Play all your old favorite classic video games. NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy Advance, Genesis, Arcade Coinup, Neo-Geo, Turbo Grafix 16, Wonderswan, Mame. A total of over 4,000 Games (Roms) Included with these emulators.

Xmugen - Play customer street fighter 2D like battles with unlimited characters. Xtreme Xmugen fighting engine with over 600 characters and tons of  sounds and stages included. Check it out on youtube! 

This xbox is fully tested and guaranteed to work. I have modded over hundreds of xboxes, and know everything about them. Controller may vary from the original to a 3rd party. I also give 100% customer support.

I will also include a high quality manual on how to use this very unique xbox. It describes how to backup your games, movies, play all the emulators, ect...

 There will be a 3% charge added to orders made through paypal, and your paypal address must confirmed before I ship.

Message me if you have any questions. I will even negotiate a price to put in a bigger hard drive. just let me know.

Remember to check my 100% positive rating!