Item Description
Description: This is the followup video to our popular 'GIANT' DVD, and once again, you get to see the massive BRAD HOLLIBAUGH looking better than ever! Our own HUGE muscle head honcho is behind the camera, capturing Big Brad in some intense up-close and personal muscle worship action! You'll slobber as you check out those UNBELIEVABLE biceps! They are SUPER HUMAN! And Hollibaugh will TOWER OVER YOU, bouncing his pecs, his mounds of chest muscles right there for you to lick and grab! But that's not all! This also includes BAR BENDING, as Big Brad bends several pieces of metal, including a thick pipe, as if they are rubber! NOTHING TO IT, and you'll see his humongous arms and forearms at work while he's crunching the metal into smithereens! Same for the metal CANS that he crushes on his PECS, QUADS, and YEP...on those freaky BICEPS! GOODBYE to the metal cans -- they smash into his muscles like accordions! He rips a phone book in two, and gets into the DRESS SHIRT and SPORTCOAT that was sent in by one of his fans...but he's so thick and big that he can't even get more than half of it on him! He's standing there like a HULKING GIANT, until he can't take it anymore and RIPS THE HELL out of it! No special effects here...just pure ROCK HARD MUSCLE! Tons of verbal IN YOUR FACE muscle flexing, too, plus some nice shots of his meaty muscle ass! Incredible calves, amazing quads, pecs and traps that seem unearthly!! And the shots in his white briefs and tight workout wear show off an incredible bulge and sack!! If you are looking for PURE MUSCLE, this is for you. A few ASS shots and a brief ass crack shot near the end, no frontal nudity, but LOTS OF MUSCLE WORSHIP for those of you who get off on guys who work hard to build it up, then LIVE to show it OFF! Get this today! A MUST HAVE for any Muscle Worship collection!!