Item Description
Yes, they are right here in America: MIDDLE EASTERN GUNS! Watch out, these guns will blow you away! (pun intended). Is America safe from these huge, muscular, Middle Eastern Men?

Tons of close-ups and zooms of huge, masculine muscle machines posing, flexing, and working out. Dark hair, dark skin, dark muscles! Featuring the following Middle Eastern bodybuilders:

  • David Hughes
  • Tamer El Shahat
  • Neno (no other name given)
  • Mo Elbasouni
  • Chris Jalali

    DVD runs two hours long! All images below are direct scans from this DVD.

    Shipping charge to USA locations is $4.95 for any number of videos. Non-USA locations is $8 for 1 DVD, and $10 for 2 or more DVDs.