Item Description
This game is For PC

This is the best fighting game ever created, i' am talking about MUGEN, with over 575+ playable characters there is no limit to the amount of fun that you will have while playing this game! You can choose from characters from SNK, Capcom, Guilty Gear, KOF, Street fighter alpha 3, Neo Wave, Garou Mark of the Wolves, SNK vs Capcom Chaos, Real bout Fatal Fury, Last Blade, Samurai showdon, Power instinct, KOF 95, 2002 and 2003, and DBZ.
This game has many game modes like, survival, team battle( up to four players) arcade, etc. But the fun doesn't stop there! because you can add more stages, music, characters and fighting modes! It took me a lot of time to get this game the game it is. this is an offer that any Fighting game fan should not let pass by!
The best of this game is that there is no changes in the fighting engine compared to the original versions!! that means you will be able to do any combos or moves that you have done in the original games without a problem!!
Any questions please feel free to ask me.

*Download more free characters to Create dream matches between your favorite fighting game and Cartoon Characters. Marvel VS Capcom VS Fatal Fury VS King Of Fighters VS Dragonball Z VS DC Universe VS Mortal Kombat VS Family Guy and many more!! Play as the original Characters from the games and modified custom created characters to bring your Favorite Fighters to a new level. If you have the time and skills you can create your own Custom Character through a downloadable program. Fully Customize yor Characters lookand moves.

This game has many game modes like:

  • Dramatic battle and Reverse Dramatic Battle
  • Survival
  • Team Battle( up to four fighters per side)
  • Arcade
  • Versus (team Versus also)

-A USB Gamepad or USB Joystick is recommended for playing this Game but is NOT needed.

-Directions for installing this game are in a read me file on the DVD disc. Also included is a Link to a youtube video for added detail on installing if needed.

-Adding New Characters, Stages, Music, ETC, is very simple. Videos on how to do this can also be found on Youtube. com

-To find websites that have Free downloadable Characters, Stages, Music, ETC, just search MUGEN on Google. com. There are endless amounts of add-ons for this game, which means it never gets boring.