Item Description

Fan produced set of blueprints:

Lost In Space - Jupiter 2 Blueprints

What is for sale : A set of blueprints showing the coolest spaceship ever seen on television.  12 sheets, each 14.0" x 8.5". detail exterior and deck plans of this ship. There have been three popular Jupiter 2 blueprint sets offered for sale in the past: Lunar Models by Shane Johnson, The Noron Group, and Phil Lublin. This set builds on the research of all three to present an accurate representation of this classic ship.

This set contains:

  • Outboard Front View 
  • Outboard Front View showing landing gear extended
  • Outboard Side View 
  • Outboard Top View
  • Outboard Bottom
  • Upper Level Deck Plan 
  • Lower Level Deck Plan
  • Chariot Front & Profile Views
  • Chariot Rear & Profile Views
  • Environmental Control Robot
  • Space Pod Front & Profile Views
  • Space Pod Rear & Profile Views

Beware of  counterfeit blueprints from mail-order houses and conventions:  This set of blueprints is printed using  COLOR INK.  I f you ever see this set for sale at conventions and the ink color is black you are looking at a forgery.

 If you collect science fiction blueprints this would be a worthwild addition.

Blueprints will be shipped well protected by US mail.

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I hope you enjoy this item. Good luck.