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Learn How to Turn Scrap Catalytic Converters into CASH Today

The scrap catalytic converter pictured above is not for sale.

You are purchasing a 4-page document entitled:
How To Make Money Selling Scrap Catalytic Converter (s)

In this 4-page document, I’m going to demonstrate to you how to make lots of money selling scrap catalytic converters. This document is intended for individuals who has just started or planning on collecting scrap catalytic converters for money.

I have a scanned copy of a recent sale of 30 scrap catalytic converters in this 4-page document. I have an actual photo of the load I sold. I made over $1,500 in one day selling scrap catalytic converters. I'm going to show you how to collect them and where to sell them.

I do it everyday and I want to show you how if you have the ambition and drive to make big money selling scrap catalytic converters.

How to Make Lots of Money
Selling Scrap Catalytic Converters

Pages of Real World Information!
Additional Pages of Descriptive Photos 



I have some good news here - an Report in which you should know about. I know this Report is good, especially from reading some of the nasty emails in which I have received from persons who really wish you never found out about this Report. They say "you are hurting my business telling people this stuff", "why don't you shut up" then there is "you are killing the market". 

On the other hand, I have gotten about 96% very pleasant emails thanking me for introducing them to this extremely lucrative market - making money selling scrap catalytic converters.

I recall talking with a guy at the "crusher" or at our area auto recycling facility. He asked me..."what are those things [catalytic converters] you have on the back of your truck. I briefly explain what they were and the money one can make selling them, afterwards we exchange phone numbers. 

After we had departed, the person who was with me shouted... "are you nuts, why did you tell that guy about the converters?" I simply said to him, "you did not say those words when I told you about the converters" he said that was different. How? I answer.

Well, I wanted to get back with this guy because he seemed very engulfed at what I was telling him. I wanted to get back with him to see how he was doing with his new found venture selling scrap catalytic converters.

I have to tell you that this guy was extremely grateful at what he had learned from me. I also know for sure that he is currently doing very well with his scrap catalytic converter sales. It is very rewarding to hear that I have actually helped someone make money. This guy inspired me to write this Report...

How to Make Money Selling Scrap Catalytic Converters. 

...and now I want you to experience real money making information written based on a small part of what I do to get my scrap catalytic converters and how I sell them for money...lots of money.

Let me to further explain the sub-heading in this ad "Low Grade Catalytic Converters > 4 Hours > Gross $327". Yes, I personally harvested a mixed batch of mostly low grade scrap catalytic converters in just under 4 hours and sold them locally for $327. I have proof. I'm going to show you shortly.

Despite what a small amount of self-centered individuals may say negative about this information, it is quite frankly and actually helping the market, shall I say "the individual market", people like you, the "Average Joe" might ask?. Around November 2006, if you did not sell any scrap catalytic converter anywhere including here on eBay, there is a really good chance you did not see how few scrap catalytic converters auctions were listed here on eBay. 

Back in November 2006 when I first introduced this information to the eBay community, there were only about 5 or less scrap catalytic converter auctions listed. If you do a simple search right now "" you will instantly see how the individual scrap catalytic converter auctions has grown since November 2006. Take note of the number of scrap catalytic converter auctions found. I promise you it will be way more than 5.

Not to say that this huge increase was solely because of my Report, but I feel that the information contributed to the sharp increase in scrap catalytic converter auctions and sales. Additionally, I see numerous of persons selling their scrap catalytic converters here on eBay whom have purchased my Report.

I challenge you. If you are able to get at least one scrap catalytic converter and list it here on eBay and not make money, I will give you this Report FREE.

Now I know you are thinking, why should I buy your book when I can just get my converters and sell here on eBay. Sure you can do that. But first let me give you a couple of very good reasons to buy: First, I have to tell you that this business is much bigger than just selling on eBay. eBay is a good selling channel with many buyers now, but I sell only a small fraction of my converters on eBay just to show that I "walk the talk". There is way more money than just selling your scrap catalytic converters on eBay. Strategy and skill are major factors involved when you are harvesting or collecting your scrap catalytic converters to sell. I'm going to share with you 1 of my 11 most effective ways in which I use to get my scrap catalytic converters to sell for money.

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