Item Description

Crack your WEP enabled wireless network in just a few easy steps.


My solution allows you to crack any 64-bit or 128-bit WEP key
No Linux knowledge needed.
Just follow my step-by-step instructions. This is no-brainer!

Requires a laptop with the INTEL 3945ABG wifi device (More laptops are installed with this device or you could buy a card  for a few $$$) This package comes with instructions and the CD. No downloads or complicated  CDs to burn.

Note to buyers. This item is to check security of your own Wi-Fi network using WEP protection. It is only for educational purposes. You will be able to access other WEP-protected networks ! Hacking is illegal

IMPORTANT: My solution is 100% guaranteed to work on laptops  with built-in Intel PRO Wireless 3945ABG wireless adapter only. Most of modern laptops have this adapter. Please verify the type of your wireless adapter before you buy!