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Homay Water Ionizer Alkaline Purifier


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Bottled water on the market today is acidic and full of heavy metals. The Homay Water IONizer is a healthy answer to the problems of toxic water.

Acidity in your water is extremely bad for you.
Bacteria and a host of other disease causing agents thrive in an acidic environment. Why help them by drinking the acidic water that they truly thrive on? The average American diet consists of more than 80% acid forming foods like fast food, snacks with sugar, and soft drinks. If you want to change your health for the better, drink ionized, high pH, purified Water.
The Homay Purifier is fully automatic, computer controlled, self cleaning and has a replaceable .01micron multistage filtration canister contains a silver impregnated carbon layer that kills bacteria and other harmful viruses. It will stop more contaminates than any leading water purifier on the market. Don't think reverse osmosis purified water is good for you, it's not. It is stripped of all minerals which your body needs like Calcium and Magnesium and it is usually Acidic.  Let the Homay water purifier cleanse your LIFE!


What does it do?


The Homay Water Ionizer is a digital water ionizer with preset functions you select with the push of a button. You can choose a range of pH from acidic to alkaline water (low pH to high pH). The lower the pH, the more acidic. A car battery contains acid which is extremely acidic which would be 1-2 pH. Our body should be neutral which is 7 pH or higher. The higher the better. You can test your pH with the test kit included with the machine. The more you drink, the more regulated your body will become and the more cleansed, more energy, and health benefits.The water produced from this machine contains twice the oxygen content as regular water. The machine can produce acidic water which is good for cleaning skin, fruits, vegetables and for general cleaning of tables and surfaces. The Homay Water Ionizer also has a neutral setting for producing only purified water without ionization. The machine will self clean periodically to ensure optimal performance and long life.

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Installation is a breeze


The faucet adapter attaches to the output of your sink faucet which allows you to switch the flow to the prefilter and from the prefilter to your Homay machine. The homay machine has a special tube that simply diverts waste water and acidic water into your sink. The high pH water flows from the flexible spout on top of the machine. It's very simple and instructions are included in your manual.

Includes two faucet adapter kits

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One is universal and one is for intermittent use for producing large quantities of ionized water for later use. Both will work with a majority of brands on the market. Set comes with pH tester solution with strip, hoses, clamps and detailed instruction manual.

How does it work? 

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The Homay Water Ionizer uses a special electrolysis chamber made of 5 Titanium Platinum alloy plates to create the ion membrane. This chamber instantly activates automatically when you turn on the water to the machine. It produces water on demand. The water is first fed into the internal water filter. This filter's first layer is non-woven fiber to stop rust and sediment, the second layer is silver impregnated activated carbon to absorb toxins like chlorine, arsenic and other toxic substances, the silver kills bacteria and virus. The third layer is a special Polysulfone Hollow fiber material to trap even the smallest particles, bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites. And we will even include a pre-filter system to keep your internal filter cleaner, longer. The prefilter system will trap all particles of rust, dirt, sand, mud and large fungus, bacteria and parasites. It will keep your internal filter clear of debris so it will last much longer. Your health should be top priority.


Easy Installation on Counter Top

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Step 1
Install faucet on/off valve adapter which comes with a universal connector for most brands of faucets. Left photo above.
Step 2
Direct the hoses/power cord in the correct position under the Homay Ionizer Machine. Middle photo above. This allows you to install the unit on either side ofyour sink and reduces unsightly hoses.
Step 3
Connect the inlet hose to the machine to your faucet adapter, aim the waste hose in the sink and you're finished.
Turn on: rotate the faucet valve knob towards you and turn on your water, purge the system for a few minutes with the unit off to clean and prime the filters.
Once complete, plug the machine in and you will be ready to enjoy pure, ionized, clustered water.
Free Pre-Filter System

This is the FREE! two stage pre-filter system we include with each Water Ionizer you purchase. It includes a fiber 1st stage to stop rust and sediment and an activated carbon 2nd stage to filter taste, chlorine and other chemicals. This pre-filter system is the industry standard and refill filters can be purchased from any hardware store. It will just about double the life of your Homay internal filter.
How often do I need to change my filters? You should change your internal canister filter when the machine notifies you after 12,000L have passed through your filter. You should change the prefilter 1st stage fiber filter a minimum of twice per year depending upon input water quality and the 2nd stage carbon filter should be changed once per year.
We include a special wrench for your pre-filter system. The system can be mounted under your sink to keep it out of your way, it comes with mounting hardware and hoses. The filters for your prefilter system can be purchased at any hardware store.

Mineral / Vitamin Chamber

This nifty addition allows you to add coral calcium or minerals. Most people place coral calcium or mineral powder in this compartment to trace the water and make it healthier. Filled with coral calcium, it will last a few weeks with normal use.

Installation Materials

Instruction booklet, installation guide and kit are included. All mounting and installation hardware is included.

Technical Specifications

Model: HJL-619
 Power requirements: 110VAC 50/60HZ 1.8W
 Internal Filter Life: 12,000L (3170 gallons) 10 years!
 Weight: 11LBS
 Output flow: 1-6L/minute (max 5.0 - 9.5pH)
 Size: 7.5"L x 6"W x 11.4"H
 Insulation: Class 1 protection

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