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Elvis in Concert CBS Special 1977


As a lifelong Elvis fan, I'm delighted to be able to offer you what has become the holy grail for Elvis fans, the very hard to find footage of his final concert tour in June 1977. The Elvis in Concert DVD profiled below is a spellbinding 3 hours of fabulous Elvis entertainemnt, showing the original Elvis in Concert CBS Special (extended version) , plus the 2 full concerts that made up the material of that special. It contains over 50 irresistible songs that are guaranteed to give you hours of pleasure. Without any question of doubt it will become your most treasured Elvis DVD.

A number of differently sourced DVD's of the CBS Special and two concerts that made up the concert footage shown on the CBS Special have surfaced in recent years. Why buy this one? Because without question of doubt, this DVD contains the best quality visual and audio footage available. Some of the others I have seen contain truly awful fuzzy footage and poor sound.
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Why buy Elvis in Concert CBS Special?  

If you love Elvis, you'll love this DVD. The performances contained in this DVD are as moving and exhilarating to watch now as they were to his legion of fans watching him in concert then. Simply stunning performances that move and uplift your soul and being like no other. This is the Elvis loved and adored by his fans, basking in their affection and rewarding them with an inspired performances of old and new classics alike. Mixing rock n roll, ballads, gospel and power songs in a heady cocktail of unadulterated entertainment, Elvis in Concert is a testament to the incomparable magic of Elvis, the King.


Elvis In Concert DVD contents:

  Elvis in Concert CBS TV Special

  Rapid City concert 21 Jun 1977

  Omaha concert 19 June 1977

 C oncert build-up 

 Pre concert presentation  back-stage

 2001 theme music 

 2001 theme music 

 2001 theme music 

 CC Rider

 CC Rider

 CC Rider

 I Gotta Women/Amen

 That's Alright Mama

 I Gotta Women/Amen

 That's Alright Mama

 Are You Lonesome Tonight?

 That's Alright Mama

 Are You Lonesome Tonight?

 Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel

 Are You Lonesome Tonight?

 Love Me

 This Time You Gave Me a Mountain

 Love Me


 Jailhouse Rock

 If You Love Me Let Me Know

 Little Sister

 How Great Thou Art

You Gave Me A Mountain

 Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel

 Early Morning Rain

 Jailhouse Rock

 And I Love You So

 I Really Don't Want To Know

 It's Now or Never

 Jailhouse Rock


 Trying To Get To You

 How Great Thou Art

 Hound Dog

 Hawaiian Wedding Song

 Early Morning Rain

 My Way

 Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel

 What I'd Say

 Can't Help Falling In Love

 Hound Dog

 Johnny B Goode

 'Elvis has left the building'

Unchained Melody - Elvis plays piano

 I Really Don't Want To Know


Can't Help Falling In Love




 Hound Dog



 It's Now or Never Can't Help Falling In Love


Length: 160 minutes, that's 3 hours!

Region: All regions (will play on all DVD players worldwide)

5.1 Digital DTS Surround

Full Screen

Chapter selection menu

Full artwork and printed disc


This is the last professionally filmed and recorded concerts of Elvis, so you get a wonderfully shot and edited film, with Elvis shown close up and from many different angles. The sound is excellent throughout, and the picture quality for the CBS TV Special is good. The picture quality is not perfect for the 2 full length concerts but is the best that is available and it makes for engrossing viewing none the less.



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Background and introduction

In the final couple of years of Elvis' life his abuse of prescription drugs finally took a toll on his health and physic, but his god-given voice had gained a range, depth of interpretation, and power, that elevated his singing to an even higher plane. This footage of his final June tour presents ample evidence of joyful shows with wonderful song content and performances,which belie the commonly held perception of Elvis in terminal decline at this stage of his career. Elvis exudes an irresistible sense of fun, vocal prowess and gravitas that is breathtaking, and amply demonstrates that right to the end his ability to sing and entertain never left him. In fact, it was better than ever, as evidenced by his superb Rapid City concert performance.

This Elvis in Concert DVD is a must buy for all Elvis fans. The CBS Special captures the excitement, pacing and flow of a quintessential Elvis show like no other filmed Elvis concert you've seen. It's a must have DVD and will be the Elvis DVD you'll come back to time and time again so moving are the songs and performance.

The DVD content is reviewed in the following order.

1) Elvis in Concert CBS Special , as the mix of documentary, fans comments and stunning performances captured is irresistible.

2) The Rapid City concert , which I rate as the best professionally filmed full length Elvis concert ever committed to tape. It is the most compelling in terms of song content and performance. Quite simply it's one of the great Elvis concerts.

3 ) The Omaha concert , where Elvis is slightly under par but still succeeds in delivering stunning performances of How Great Thou Art, Early Morning Rain, and My Way. Omissible!

The CBS TV Special (extended broadcast)

Introductory sequence Shows preparations for concert, Elvis fans comments 'The King','The King', 'The King' and the observation of the stadium manager that when you book Elvis 'it's like God just landed'. Conveys the excitement and anticipation of attending an Elvis concert.


1) 2001 theme music  Elvis appears on stage to rapturous welcome.

2) CC Rider A great show opener with Elvis clearly enjoying singing the song.

3) That's Alright Mama Elvis plays guitar as he launches into this Sun classic. Marvelous 'dee dee dee dee dee' chorus section.

4 ) Are You Lonesome Tonight? A song clearly close to Elvis' heart but throughout his career he seemed unable to perform this song faultlessly, when filmed, without fluffing his lines during the spoken section. This take is no exception. To overcome this drawback the song is intercut with a fan recounting her love for the King. Nicely done and a touching endorsement of what Elvis means to his fans - he connects like no other.

5) Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel Used as an excuse for a walkabout, throwing scarves to enthusiastic fans.

6) This Time You Gave Me A Mountain This is a tremendous version of a song Elvis made is own when introduced to his concerts in the 1970's, This is, and remains, one of his great show-stopper songs.The verses clearly resonate with Elvis' own life and divorce and he sings the song with a conviction and power that is breathtaking. Of all the versions recordered this version can't be bettered!

7) Jailhouse Rock An electric performance of this Elvis classic with Elvis and fans rocking alike. Fantastic!

8) How Great Thou Art A song Elvis clearly loved, during the 1970's he transformed his 1966 album version into a must see/hear show-stopper. Elvis delivers a heartfelt vocal performance of this concert staple that is simply stunning. Enough to convert many an atheist to the glory of God. This is the only filmed performance of this in-concert favorite and is a must for all Elvis fans. Awesome performance!

9) Early Morning Rain The best version of this song you'll ever hear, by Elvis or anyone else. From John Wilkinson’s exquisite guitar playing to Elvis' sensitive vocal accompaniment, this is just a joy to behold! Very special.

10) I Really Don't Want To Know A marvelously heartfelt performance of this song. Elvis delivers such a wonderful vocal interpretation that he elevates what was an unexceptional album song into something that is very special indeed.

11) Hurt Gut ripping vocal that blows you away. Elvis' later predisposition towards power vocal songs is demonstrated here with the last of his great bring the house down songs. Generally recognized as Elvis' last great bellow, this is an awesome demonstration of Elvis' ability to spot a good song and though amazing vocals transform it into a classic. A towering performance that is awe-inspiring.

12) My Way A fitting, moving and poignant performance of a song now strongly associated with the King, Elvis' masterful interpretation of this song is deeply touching and moving.

13)  Can't Help Falling In Love A song from his much maligned movie making years, Elvis transformed this love song into the ultimate farewell ode to fans song, using it to close all of his live shows. This version is intercut with comments from his father.

Rapid City Concert - 21 June 1977

This fantastic concert, performed with wit, good spirits, great vocals and a superb selection of songs, represents the quintessential mid to late 1970's Elvis show. It can't be bettered.

1) Pre Show Elvis arrives. Back stage presentation.

2) 2001 theme music . Elvis arrives on stage.

3) CC Rider Stops a few lines into the song claiming he missed a note (not that anyone can notice) before continuing. Bizarre! A strong performance none the less.

4) I Gotta Women/Amen A lovely version of this in-concert classic, with an extended Amen segment, a good natured leg shaking, hip swiveling routine, and fun and games with JD's low bass growl. The playful spirit of the king beautifully on display. 

5) That's Alright Mama 'I only know 3 chords but I faked them for a long time' Elvis kids self-depreciatingly as he plays guitar on his first big hit. See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

6) Are You Lonesome Tonight? 'They had me tax!', 'Now the stage is bare, and I'm standing there, without any hair, no!' Shame about the fluffed original lines of the song but inspired Elvis improvisation! See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

7) Love Me An Elvis in-concert standard nicely sung. Elvis uses it as an excuse for walkabout, throwing scarves to fans.

8 ) If You Love Me Let Me Know '...and if you don't, then move it!' quips Elvis. A lovely song beautifully sung.

9)  You Gave Me A Mountain A 1970's Elvis classic. Absolutely wonderful. See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

10) Jailhouse Rock See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

11) It's Now Or Never An inspired version of this 1960's global smash hit. Sherrill Nielsen does the Italian version of O Sole Mio with Elvis mischievously adlibbing words of incredulity at the soaring vocals, before launching into a masterly version of It's Now or Never. Heavenly!

12) Trying To Get To You 'Trying to get to you, or trying to get to you all depending on what part of the country you're from, or trying to get to youse, you all'  quips Elvis in another inspired introduction of this, one of his favorite songs, before launching into a stirring performance of this Sun days classic.

13) Hawaiian Wedding Song Wonderful wacky introduction and exquisite performance of this song from his Blue Hawaii movie and another major reason why you should buy this DVD. As Elvis enters the last verse he strolls across to Kathy Westmoreland (one of his backing singers), looks deeply into her eyes as he sings 'I do, love you, with all my Ku...ipo', before wrapping his scarf around her neck and giving her a kiss. Magical.

14) Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

15) Introductions to his group of musicians and back-up singers. During the later 1970's Elvis gave lengthy introductions to his back-up band and singers, allowing each musician to do a solo to show off their skills. Today this section comes across as a big disruption into the concert but it clearly the vogue of the time and Elvis seemed to enjoy it. What was noteworthy is the clear respect and love Elvis has for his musicians and the rapt attention he gives each and every one of them as they pay their solo. Much of this has been cut from the Rapid City Show footage but can be seen in it's entirety in the Omaha show. 

16) Hound Dog Nice 'Chung, chung, chung', section to cap off a pleasing version of this Elvis hit. See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

17) Unchained Melody Elvis accompanies himself on piano and sings a blistering version of this song which he had only just recorded. As Elvis prepares at the piano he quips to Charlie Hodge 'You gotta hold the microphone, put the scarves on, hold the reins, and show me the right keys, right?'. He then sings a mind bogglingly, heart wrenching version of this song, mixing powering vocals with raw emotion. It's very special and rightly brings the house down.

18) Can't Help Falling In Love 'Adios' and goodbye as Elvis closes an engrossing concert with his farewell song. This is simply a great Elvis concert with Elvis in spellbinding and captivating form. 

Omaha Concert 19th June 1977

An vocally enthusiastic crowd witness this Elvis concert, although it has to be said that this show is second best to the super Rapid City show. 

1) 2001 theme music Elvis appears on stage.

2) CC Rider See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

3) I Gotta Women 'If you think I'm nervous, you're right'. See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

4) That's Alright Mama See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

5) Are You Lonesome Tonight? With Elvis playing guitar, Charlie Hodge holds microphone for Elvis. After a false start, Elvis delivers a nice sincere version that falls apart as usual on the spoken lines. As Elvis sings 'They had me playing in love with you as my sweetheart' he gives Charlie a look and a nudge, resulting in Charlie hamming it up and what threatened to be a nice completed version of this song unraveling once again. Nicely done though.

6) Love  Me See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

7) Fairytale 'This is the story of my life, it's called Fairytale'. One of the more unusual additions to the set list, Elvis sings with obvious enjoyment and relish.

8) Little Sister Why did Elvis so like this early hit? Well, a clue is the air guitar fingering he does throughout the song. This is not the high energy version of his 1970 Vegas show but is a nice rendition none the less.

9)  Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel Shows the special rapport between Elvis and his fans as he goes walkabout and throws scarves. See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

10) And I Love You So A surprisingly heartfelt and touching rendition of this album song.

11) Jailhouse Rock See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

12) How Great Thou Art See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

13) Introductions to his back-up singers and musicians 'First of all, take JD, please! Introductions, intermingled with songs.

14) Early Morning Rain We get to hear the full rapturous guitar led introduction of this song and see a nice camera angle showing Elvis singing amongst his group members. Wonderful. See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

15) What I'd Say A short fast paced version of this song first recorded by Elvis for his Viva Las Vegas movie.

16) Johnny B Goode 'He can do it, he can do it!' enthuses Elvis as James Burton plays his guitar behind his head.

17) I Really Don't Want To Know See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

18) Hurt A nice version but not a match for the Rapid City performance. See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

19) Hound Dog See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

20) It's Now or Never See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.

21) Can't Help Falling in Love See previous Elvis in Concert write-up.  


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy and own this mesmerizing and intoxicating record of Elvis' last concert tour (remember, this DVD is not readily available anywhere in the world today and is unlikely to be in the foreseeable future). The DVD quality, whilst not perfect, is the very best currently available. You will not be disapointed!

What you get is 3 hours of Elvis magic and the emotionally uplifting experience of seeing some truly awesome performances by the King. My own song highlights of this DVD would include the towering performances of How Great Thou Art, This Time You Gave Me A Mountain, Early Morning Rain, Hurt, My Way, It's Now or Never, Hawaiian Wedding Song, and Unchained Melody to name just a few.

But this DVD is more than just about song content and performance, it gives you a glimpse of that indefinable something that makes Elvis so special. It somehow more fully captures the exuberance and fun that Elvis brought to his shows, and the wonderful interaction he has with his fans and musicians, than other film of Elvis in concert. It also manages to better capture the sheer excitement of Elvis in concert and the joy of his music making. You come away from viewing this  Elvis In Concert DVD deeply touched and moved to the core. As a life long Elvis fan, I can't recommend this Elvis In Concert DVD highly enough. You'll love it!


Buy it now!