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The Classy Kid Collection
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Doll Repair Guide
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The Classy Kid Collection is proud to be able to offer you excerpts from a Doll Hospital School manual which teaches you how to repair different types of walking dolls.
This was taken from a very large, well-known, doll hospital school that I attended many years ago. (yes, I have a degree in Doll Technology). This manual states in part:

"Home study by correspondence is fairly new - some 75 years old - but in a sense, all learning is home study. And by this we mean, quite simply, that each person must learn for himself. It has often been assumed that a teacher somehow drilled knowledge right into a student, much like a seed drills plant seeds in the soil. This just isn't possible. The teacher (or book, or experience) can expose the student to information but it is always up to the student to apply himself and turn the available information into usable knowledge. Self-teaching, therefore, is education."

Instruction is given on how to repair various types of dolls including Tiny tears, Betsy Wetsy and Patti Playpal. Also instructions are given for stringing plastic dolls, composition dolls, bisque and antique dolls. Instructions are given on how to attach heads to various different types of dolls, as well as repairing plastic parts.
Included are 50 pages of instructions and detailed diagrams taken directly from the manual. An invaluable tool for anyone that collects or repairs these vintage dolls. This is good companion guide to my first one, "Walking Dolls Instruction Repair Guide" sold separately.
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