Item Description

This is absolutely the best CD of the album Diana Ross & The Supremes Sing & Perform Funny Girl. This is a digitally remastered transfer from an Ampex reel to reel release of the album, therefore there are absolutely no "vinyl sounds", pops and clicks, no "record" noises whatsoever. The sound quality is incredible, as if the album were recently recorded utilizing today's superior recording technology, yet retains the warmth of analog recording as the source is the analog reel to reel tape release. This CD comes with a bonus cut, the stereo unedited version of People. 


Track Listing-

1. Funny Girl
2. If A Girl Isn't Pretty
3. I Am W
4. The Music That Makes Me Dance

5. Don't Rain On My Parade

6. People

7. Cornet Man
8. His Love Makes Me Beautiful
9. Sadie, Sadie

10. I'm The Greatest Star
11. People (Unedited, stereo mix)