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  • Lycopodium, from the Greek, lukos (lukos) "wolf", and podos (podos) "foot"; "wolf's foot", a reference to the resemblance of the branch tips to a wolf's paw.
  • obscurum, from the Latin, "dark, shady, obscured"
  • Ground Pine, from resemblance of vertical stem to miniature pine tree.
  • Other common names include Rare Clubmoss, Tree Clubmoss, Round Branched Clubmoss


  • Kingdom Plantae, the Plants
    • Division Lycopodiophyta, the Club Mosses
      • Class Lycopodiopsida, the Club Mosses
        • Order Lycopodiales, the Club Mosses
          • Family Lycopodiaceae, the Club Mosses
            • Genus Lycopodium, the Club Mosses



  • An evergreen, rhizomatous clubmoss with the appearance of tiny, thickly branched pine tree with oversized cones. Height to 12"
  • Horizontal Stem creeping and branching well below ground.
  • Vertical Stem grows as individual little trees.
    • Branches 1"-8"
    • Leaves ¼" long and shiny green
  • Cones cylindrical, yellow, 1½", on tips of upper branches; a dozen or more on a single branch.


  • Distinguished from running clubmosses by its individual, bushy form and deeply buried horizontal stem.
  • Distinguished from other tree like clubmosses by round branches; pine like rather than flattened and cedar like.
  • Field Marks


  • Circumpolar and transcontinental in boreal North America, south to Washington, Indiana, and North Carolina.


  • Cool, boreal forests. Considered an indicator of cool temperature climates, fresh and very moist soils, nitrogen-poor soils, and compacted forest floors.
  • Damp, open woods, forest bog edges
  • Moist forest floors, often with maple-basswood or mixed pine-hardwoods.
  • Grows at cool temperatures, will tolerate low nutrients, and can withstand a wide range of light conditions.
  • Well-drained organic soils, often on sandy loams
  • Considered a mid-seral species, it occurs in forest stands 10 to 30 years old and will decline in very old stands. In general, if temperatures become warmer and the forest becomes drier, this species would be expected to decrease.



  • Primarily vegetatively by sprouting from rhizomes. It also produces spores and a subterranean, mycorrhizal gametophyte. The main colonization period is June through September, but it tends to decrease toward the drier part of the season. Spores are produced in August.


  • A division is the most successful method


  • Clubmosses can make attractive ground covers,great to cover any area that is bare.
  • Will spread and regrow with many new plants from year to year.
  • Does great in gardens and around the home.Looks great around ponds and rocks.
  • Tree Club Moss is one of the easiest moss to grow ,a eye catcher even planted by it's self alone.
  • This moss is a beautiful creeper.Before you know it you'll have extra to give to others or dig up and move to different areas.
  • Do note that there is over 1,000 different Tree Club Moss plants but this is one of the rarest around.


  • This is a PERENNIAL and will come back year after year with many new plants.
  • Do note that this tree club moss is also noted as a fern to certain areas.Sometimes you'll find in listed that way! But either way this is a beauty to have around your home/garden !


This auction is for 12 Live Plants/ of Tree Club Moss.All will come bareroot with slight soil still attached.

All Live plants ship on Mondays & Tuesdays.Shipped Priority Mail.


Any questions are welcome.I do combine items to help save on shipping so do check out my other listings.I accept paypal,money orders,cashier checks,personal checks-which takes 10 days to clear bank.Buyer is to contact me within 3 days end of auction.


Thanks for looking !


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