Item Description
Nelvana Dubbed all the episodes of CardCaptor
Sakura, however they edited all episodes, and un-aired many of them
in the USA.

The UK, and Australia got to see the full
version on TV, all episodes were shown in the correct order.
This has all the TV show in its original
English dubbed form. The quality is very good as shown in these
screen caps.
Pioneer released only 9 dvds to Cardcaptors,
and even then it has many episodes missing from it. They are also
out of order and only contain 36 out of the 70 original
TV Series
Nelvana dubbed all 70 episodes of
Cardcaptor Sakura and edited the series for content deemed
unsuitable for children. Most specifically, romantic subtext was
excised from the show - not simply relationships that might be
considered inappropriate for a children's show (such as homosexual
ones), but heterosexual relationships as well. However, despite
these changes, nearly half of the series was not broadcast in the
United States.
Cardcaptors first aired in the United States on
Kids' WB on
beginning with "Sakura's Rival," (the
eighth episode of
Cardcaptor Sakura). The series proceeded to run for 39
episodes, changing the original episode order but finishing with
the show's actual final episode.
Cartoon Network also carried the series
during the afternoon
Toonami block beginning on June 4, 2001, during
the merge between Kids' WB and Cartoon Network. Half of the first
season was aired only once before the series was removed from the
In other English-speaking countries (i.e.
New Zealand, the
Republic of Ireland and the
United Kingdom),
Cardcaptors ran in a more complete form, with all 70 of
the Nelvana-dubbed episodes being shown in their original order, in
some cases retaining the Japanese versions of the original
themes. - ""
This is your change to finally see the whole
dub, since its very hard to find. And their is no legit dvd
releases of the show anywhere (in English).
I also own vol 1-5 of the Australia version
of Cardcaptors. They are in the correct order and contain different
songs then the ones we got. Its a collectors item if you want one
added to your set let me know.
The photos are examples of what the menus look like. Any
questions feel free to ask.
It comes in a box set each one with 6 Disks each for a
total of 18.
Now as requested, this set has animated
menus, and art on the dvds. I can customize it for you if you have
your own pictures you'd like on the Disks.
I am flexible with the pricing. If you have
some dvds im looking for i will reduce the price for
I have traded in the past with buyers and it
works out great for both of us. ^_^
Have Disney movies you no longer watch? Or
Anime let me know and we can work something out.