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 Built the CRI CRI  Worlds Smallest Airplane

The Colomban Cri-Cri MC-10 or Cricket is the world's smallest twin engine aircraft. It was designed by Michel Colomban. CRI CRI is French for Cricket. The Cri Cri aircraft has excellent maneuverability and is capable of performing superior aerobatics. Normally powered by either piston engines or Two AMT Olympus  RC turbine jet engines. If powered by AMT RC jet engines the Cri-Cri cruises at approximately 150 mph vs. 115 mph for the prop driven version. It is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s smallest airplane.

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The Cri-Cri fuselage is of all metal construction. Maximum weight of the fuselage alone is about 31 lbs.

The wing is of all-metal construction utilizing a Wortmann laminar profile airfoil. Ailerons span the entire length of the wings.
Control of the aircraft flight surfaces is by the usual stick and Rudder pedals.
The Cri-Cri utilizes a floating "T" elevator with the same airfoil profile as the main wings. Total elevator weight is only about 4 1/2 lbs.
Rudder is of classic construction and is in-flight adjustable.
The Cri-Cri can accommodate a number of different engines. Common are engines from lawn mowers, motorcycles, and also RC Jet Turbine Engines.
The engines are installed on two fuselage pylons and are very close to each other. Should one engine quit in flight this compensates for a difference in thrust and the aircraft will be controllable.
The average propeller size is about 28 inches and each engine generally produces between 9 hp and 15 hp.
Some of the engines used on the Cri-Cri were manufact- ured by Valmet, JPX, Limbach, 3W, Rotax, Zenoah, Hirth, and ZDZ Model.
The only instruments installed in the prototype were a tachometer and an altimeter.

                           This CD contains   Cri Cri Assembly Drawings Construction Pictures Photos of Completed Aircraft Technical Sheets Video’s and Film Clips Turbine Engine Plans Turbine Engine CAD The Cri Cri Builders Manual Pilot’s Technical Notes Cri Cri News letter Cri Cri Articles Cri Cri Flight simulator

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                                                                                            Primary Function:                                                                                            Crew:                                                                                            Engines (typical):                                                                                            Weight Empty:
                                                                                            Max. Weight:
                                                                                            Max. G's:
                                                                                            Cruise Speed:
                                                                                            Max. Speed:
                                                                                            Climb Rate:
                                                                                            First flight:
recreationone2 x 9 hp. ea.139 lbs.375 lbs.12' 10"16' 0"+9G, -4.5G115 mph155 mph600 fpm3,400 feet465 miles7/19/73