Item Description
When you get to the ioffer website,
type in COPIALL in the search box to find this item.
This is for 1 Brand new Copiall GODVD DPX-7001 which retails
for $219.99. It is an upgrade to the Copiall DPX-7000. It is also an upgrade to the Sima CT-200 and even has the
same exact modes/features. The Sima CT-2 and the Sima CT-200 will
copy a lot of material, but since they are about 10 years old, they will not copy everything! This
item also replaces the Copiall GODV DP-5000 since that unit can't copy everything either. It is

It allows you to copy ANY copy protected source such as DVD player,
cable box, satellite receiver, DVD recorder, Bluray,VCR etc. This
model is equipped with S-Video jacks for high quality signals, as
well as composite video with audio connections. That's connections! No other video stabilizer has audio
connections. I have also read that it will work for High Definition
signals (See below for details). It has been tested with the newest
DVD movies and works perfectly.
MORE INFO: it beats all other copy
enhancers on the market...Stabilizes video signals for crisp,
bright copies...Digital technology, nothing to set or adjust...Copy
all of your VHS tapes now with the best color, without fading or
color drops...Input signal level indicators...6 output signal
enhancement modes - normal, brighter, extra brighter, darker,
black/white, and color bars test pattern.
How it works: It's easy, just connect
the DPX-7000 between your source (like VCR, DVD player, cable box,
satellite receiver) and recorder (like a DVD recorder, Hard drive,
VCR, mini-DV recorder, 8mm Recorder, etc...). It works like a
filter and you can now record any of your movies that you see
through cable, satellite, already own, or rent!
Connections: Video Input and Output,
Audio Left Input and Output, Audio Right Input and Output, S-Video
Input and Output. As mentioned above, I have read that you can pass
HD signals using Component cables (Green, Red, Blue). Just attach a
Green component cable from your source to the Copiall video input
jack and then attach another Green cable from the Copiall video
output jack to the destination recorder. Also, attach a red cable
and a blue cable directly from the source to the destination
bypassing the Copiall box entirely. It sounds like your recorder
MIGHT record in High Definition (assuming the source is in High
Defintion) but I have not tried this and cannot guarantee that it
will work.
Includes: Manual, 1 set of RCA cables,
and AC power adapter. You will need an additional set of RCA cables
or S-Video cables to complete the setup.
Notice: Use of this product for
unauthorized duplication of copyrighted material from DVD, VHS or
other media is prohibited under federal copyright laws UNLESS the
copy qualifies as a Fair Use copy. A Fair Use copy is a copy for
backup purposes cannot be sold or given away.
I will ship only to the United
States and Canada. Canada shipping is $14 for regular First
Class mail (6 to 10 days) and DOESN'T
include insurance. I will not be responsible for lost
packages!!! (I will keep a receipt from the Post Office
proving that I mailed it to cover me). If you want insurance
to Canada, the total shipping price is $35 because it has to be
sent by Priority Mail. Also, YOU will be responsible for
any Customs fees, Duties fees, Taxes, etc that you may have to pay
when you receive it. I cannot be responsible for these
fees. I usually ship items out within 1 BUSINESS day or 2
barring any emergencies and I don't ship on weekends. Also, I don't
usually respond to questions on weekends. The shipping price
now includes insurance (to the US only) so that you are protected
if the post office loses it. All of the items that I list are
sold 'AS IS', therefore returns are not allowed. This is due to
buyers buying my item and trying to return their own defective
item in its place.