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You are bidding on a CD (Adobe .pdf ) with the manuals for the CUCV Chevrolet series of military trucks such as the M1008, M1008A1, M1009, M1010, M1028, M1028A1, M1031 and the M1009. These will include the Operator manual, the Maintenance manuals and the Parts manual. All of these manuals are the latest version the military has in use at this time and contains the information you need to operate and repair one of these vehicles.

See my other CD on other military manuals.

You will receive the basic manuals that every Army, Marine, Air Force and Navy mechanic used to work on these vehicles with:

LO 9-2320-289-12 Lubrication order

TM 9-2320-289-10 w/Change 5 Operators Manual

TM 9-2320-289-20 w/Change 4 Unit Maintenance Manual

TM 9-2320-289-34 w/Change 2 Intermediate Direct Support/ General Support Maintenance Manual

TB 9-2300-295-15/24 Warranty Procedures

TM 9-2320-289-20P Unit Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools List

TM 9-2320-289-34P Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools List

TM 55-2320-289-14 Transportability Guidance Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicles (CUCV)

You will receive the specialization manuals that shows the maintenance and/or repair of items not covered in the Truck Repair Manuals:

TM 9-2610-200-14 Care, maintenance, and repair of pneumatic tires and inner tubes.

TM 9-6140-200-14 Lead-Acid Storage Batteries Covers the 24 Volt, 4HN, and the 12 Volt, battery like the 2HN, 6TN, 6TL and more.

TB 5-4200-200-10 Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers

TB 9-2300-247-40 Repair of Frames for Tactical Wheeled Vehicles

TB 43-0213 Corrosion Prevention and Control

TB 43-0209 w/Change 1 Color, Marking and Camouflage Painting of Military Vehicles

FM 4-25.11 First Aid

TB 43-0002-87 Brake Fluid, Silicone (BFS) Conversion Procedures

TM 10-7200-200-13 Can, Gasoline Military; Steel and Plastic, 5-Gallon;

I also have 9 reports from Fire/Rescue resources detailing changes and improvement made to these trucks for their use.

Report # 1, Wiring Conversions on Military Vehicles

Report # 2, Adding a 12 Volt DC Charging Circuit

Report # 3,  Conversion of M1008 and M1009 Electric Systems to 12 Volt.

Report  # 4, Weights & Loading of M1008 CUCV 5/4 Ton Pickup

Report  # 5, Weights & Loading of M1009 CUCV 3/4 Ton Blazer

Report # 6, Slip-On Tank Units 

Report #  7, 90 and 150 Gallon Aluminum Slip-on Tank Units

Report # 8, Converting the M-1009 Blazer to Cab and Cargo Box Style.

Report # 9, Flatbed & Water Tank Design for M1008 and Commercial Pickups

There is also the manuals for the newest generation of trucks the CUCV Series 2001 to 2006 year models
These also cover the Suburban and Command Tahoe models
CUCVII & CUCV III also know as EMP and LSSV General Motors Light Service Support Vehicle (LSSV) Enhanced Mobility Package (EMP