Item Description
CLASSIC VINTAGE 10-SPEED TOURING BICYCLE - Mfg. by C.ITOH in Japan, & imported to the US by Bridgestone in the early 1970's. Serial number E254497 This bike will turn heads as you scream down the road on this Lance Armstrong-colored machine. Everything is in excellent working order, it had been in cool/dry storage for 20 years. I just had it tuned-up and rode it for over 25 miles the other day. * Sun Tour Spirit front derailer * Shimano Lark rear derailer * Dia Comp brakes * Jun front handlebar support * The 27" tires are original, although the sidewalls are slightly scuffed/cracked, I have been assured by an experienced mechanic that they are completely sound. (Note this includes a new Bontrager seat. Also, it does not include the red saddlebag.) The only drawback is that the seat post can not be re-adjusted. It is set for a person 5'10" to 6'2".