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You are buying 7 DVDRs of some of the most memorable AWA matches in Chicago hosted by promoter Bob Luce. If you were an AWA Fan you'll love these. Vachon,Bruiser,Crusher,Gagne,Bockwinklw,Steven, Heenan & More.

Luce Classics vol. 4 **1 hour

Calhoun/Cholak vs. Raschke/Schmidt (5/16/71),

Robinson vs. Big K (7/17/71),
Snyder vs Mad Dog Vachon (7/17/71)
Bastien/Cortez (AWA Tag Champs) vs. Raschke/Schmidt (7/17/71),

Crusher/Bastien (AWA tag champs) vs. Stevens/Bockwinkel (11/20/71),
Von Raschke vs. Red Cloud (Fall 1972),

Bruiser/Crusher/Red Cloud Vs. Blackjacks/Rhodes (6/10/72).
Luce Classics vol. 5 1 hour

Rhodes/Murdoch vs. Ladd/Thomas (12/16/72),

Rhodes/Murdoch vs. Snyder/Robinson (Fall 72),
Von Raschke vs. Bruiser (Gestapo Cage Match Fall 1972),

Bruiser vs. Stevens (1972).
Luce Classics #6 1 hour

Gagne (AWA Champ) vs. Bockwinkel (1972),

Heenan vs. Red Cloud (Chain match, 6/24/72 (Hammond, IN)
Andre/Dr. X vs. Bockwinkel/Stevens (10/7/72),

Larry Hennig/Butcher VachonVs. Andre the Giant (9/1/72, Soldier Field)
Soldier Field Press Party clips (8/29/72).

Luce Classics #7 1 hour

Bruiser/Crusher vs. The Blackjacks w/Heenan (Soldier Field, Cage, 9/1/72),

Robinson vs. Koloff (12/16/72)
Snyder vs. Robinson (5/5/73),

Red Bastien vs. Vic Rossatini (5/25/73)

Luce Classics #8 1 hour
Princess Jasmine/Sharon Lass vs. Mary Jane Mull/Madam X (5/5/73),

McDaniel/Watts vs.Graham/Ladd (5/5/73),
McDaniel vs. Graham (Indian Strap Match, 4/7/73),

Higo Hamaguchi vs. Art Thomas (4/7/73)
Bruiser/Crusher vs. Rhodes/Murdoch (2/3 falls, 3/24/73)

Luce Classics #9 1 hour
Verne Gagne (AWA Champ) vs. Jimmy Valiant (5/5/73),

Art Thomas vs. Jimmy Valiant,
Baron Von Raschke vs. Bull Bullinski,

Dusty Rhodes vs. Moose Cholak (6/9/73)
Bockwinkel/ Stevens vs. Bruiser/McDaniel (2/3 falls, 6/9/73).

Luce Classics #10 1 hour
Pepper Gomez vs. Jimmy Valiant (Hammond, Indiana),

Ladd/Graham vs. Wahoo/Bruiser (5/25/73).
Ladd vs. Wahoo (6/30/73).