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J-1B Don Quixote
CD features Self-Starting interactive menu!

Variously known as "Przasnicza", "Don Kichot", or "Don Quixote", the J-1 was designed by Jaroslaw Janowski in 1967. It featured a single seat enclosed cockpit, conventional (taildragger) landing gear, and a pusher prop configuration. Wings were shoulder mounted and strut-braced, with a 13% thick Clark "Y" airfoil and no flaps.

With the help of Witold Kalita, the prototype was constructed in Poland and first flown on July 30, 1970. It weighed 286 lbs empty, and was constructed mostly of wood with a steel tube frame and fabric covering. Wings were constructed with one-piece ribs and a plywood covered leading edge "D-section". Power was provided by a two cylinder 23 hp "Saturn 500B" engine which was also designed by Janowski and constructed by S. Polawski.

Wingspan: 24 ft 7.25in
Wing Chord: 3 ft 3 in
Length: 16 ft 4.75 in
Height: 4 ft 5.75 in
Empty Weight: 286 lbs
Maximum Weight: 551 lbs
Maximum Speed, Level Flight: 103 mph
Cruise speed: 75 mph
Stall speed: 41 mph
Take-off Run: 328 ft
Landing Roll: 164 ft
Fuel Capacity: 4.4 Imp gallons
Nominal Range: 248 miles

Contents Of CD
Self Starting Interactive Menu
Builders Manual
Pictures Of  J-1
Bonus Section
1/2 Volkswaggen Conversion, perfect for this project.
Airfoils Calculator
Airplane Screensavers
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Metric Imperial Conversion Calculator
eDrawings English
How To Build A Professional_Wind_Tunnel
Poster Print for large blueprints printer utility
Raster toVector
Wing Profiler
Prop Design Software