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ABC Family's

Au Pair I, Au Pair II & Au Pair III 


Recorded directly from TV to DVD.  Quality is 9.5 out of 10.  

Au Pair is a 1999 telefilm starring Gregory Harrison and Heidi Noelle Lenhart.  Jennifer Morgan ( Heidi Lenhart) is an MBA looking for a job as an executive at Oliver Caldwell’s ( Gregory Harrison) company. Through a series of errors, she is given a job as the au pair for his children, Katie ( Katie Volding) and Alex ( Jake Dinwiddie).  The kids have been spoiled by Oliver since their mother died, and they have become quite the trouble makers. Oliver is engaged to Vivian Berger ( Jane Sibbett), who dislikes the children and becomes jealous of Jennifer as she bonds with them. The kids, preferring Jennifer (though, in the beginning played pranks on her) to Vivian, play matchmaker, and expose the plotting Vivian for who she really is.

Au Pair II (a.k.a. Au Pair: The Fairytale Continues) is a 2001 romantic comedy TV movie starring Gregory Harrison and Heidi Lenhart. A year or so after the events of Au Pair Jennifer Morgan ( Heidi Lenhart), Oliver Caldwell ( Gregory Harrison), and his kids, Katie ( Katie Volding) and Alex ( Jake Dinwiddie) are back in Europe as the couple prepare for the merger of Caldwell’s company and another named Tek Hausen.  Cassandra ( Rachel York) and Michael Hausen ( Robin Dunne), the adult children of Tek Hausen’s founder, are opposed to the merger as they see it taking control of their father's company from them. They plot to ruin Caldwell’s image and his engagement to Jennifer, in order to gain control of the combined companies.

  Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise , the third romantic comedy film in the Au Pair film series, aired on ABC Family on March 15 , 2009, and is the first of the trilogy to be made under the control of Disney.Eight years have passed since the events of Au Pair , and newly graduated as his high school's valedictorian, Alexander Caldwell joins his visiting sister, college freshman Katie and her roommate Ariana on a family summer vacation with father Oliver and step-mother Jenny. Oliver and Jenny's current nanny declines to join them and the over-worked parents/executives must take care of their newborn baby Sarah in Puerto Rico.


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