Item Description

Amway motivational cassette tapes **LOT of 33**

8 opened

25 sealed in plastic

Dates on these are from the 1990's

These tapes are sealed, unopened:
SOT399 Network Marketing - The Wave Of The Future - Jim & Dinah Martin
SOT504 It's Already Yours, Go Get It - Larry DiAngi
SOT510 Never Stop Trying And Never Try Stopping - Marge Lewis
SOT511 Motive-action - Tony & Sue Renard / Bottom of the Ninth, Bases Loaded - Bob & Irene Bolin
SOT512 A New Minority - Ken & Donna Stewart
SOT524 You'll Either Be Glad You Did Or Wish You Had - Ron & Toby Hale (seal damaged, but unopened)
SOT525 Mediocrity Is Self-Inflicted - Jerry & Cherry Meadows
SOT526 Start Your Quest - Tom & Lorre Hansen
SOT527 Only The Serious Need Apply - Al & Helen LeBlanc
SOT528 Get Your Hopes Up - Bill & Peggy Florence
SOT529 Keep The Dream Wheel Spinnin' - Barry & Luronda Joye
SOT530 White Men Can Jump - John & Susan Haagen
SOT531 Mechanics Are Secondary - Gary & Linda Gordon
SOT532 A Prescription For Success - Jim & Barbara Hayes
SOT533 Hubba Bubba Baby - Jim & Sue Pare
SOT534 It Takes Guts To Leave The Ruts - Ron & Diane Goldman
SOT535 You Deserve It And You're Worth It! - Mark & Tami Crawford
SOT536 Is Your Business Meeting Your Expectations? - Terry & Yvonne McEwen
SOT537 Surviving The Setbacks - Dexter & Birdie Yager
SOT546 Every Night - Jody & Kathy Victor / STP+Tools = Dreams - Ken & Joan Westenskow
SOT547 Diamonds In Training - D.I.T.'s From Dex: Just A Little Bit More And You'll Win - Dexter Yager
SOT549 It's Worthy Of Your Time - Lennon & Suzanne Ledbetter / No Disappointments - Elwyn & Dottie Owen
SOT553 I Opened My Own Door - Jim & Bev Kinsler / Did We Do The Right Thing? - Rick & Sue Lyon Setzer
SOT554 Why Do You Say That? - Billy Florence / Keep Your Expectations High - David & Melissa Hullender
SOT557 Find A Diamond Tonight - Lee & Barbara Waters / The Most Exciting Time In History Is Now - Leo & Amy Grant
SOT559 Choose To Be A Rhino - Don & Nancy Wilson
These tapes have been opened:
SOT248 The Magic Is All In Your Mind - Dexter Yager
SOT436 So... You Want To Be A Leader - Tim Bryan
SOT508 He Who Draws The Most Circles, Wins - Don & Ruth Storms
DBR317 The Struggles Are Worth It - Bill & Peggy Florence
DBR353 Planning A Successful Future - John Sestina
FED6     The Three S's In Success - Doug Wead
TOW-194 It's Not Hard For You To Teach What Was Hard For You To Learn - Dexter Yager