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This is best offer that you will see for 100% AUTHENTIC Lacoste polos.     This is the lowest price available for the real deal Lacoste products.  This is a Wholesale listing for lots from 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000 or larger quanities.  Dont miss out on the best pricing that can be offered a reputable company.    Just take a second and read the listing below and feel free to email us with questions about the items or even to place an order.


Whatever quanity you may need to purchase; you will without a doubt receive an equal assortment of sizes and colors.  Generally lots of 50 receive 7-9 colors.  Lots of 100 or more receive at least 9 colors up to 12 colors.  These are all assorted no special requests can be taken for specific colors and sizes.



 Light Pink, Hot Pink, Navy, Black, Light Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Lawn Green, Lime, as well as any of new colors for the season.




Pricing for wholesale Lacoste:



Price Per Shirt


Total Price

25 Lacoste polos


Free within U.S.

Add $1 per shirt International

In U.S. $375.00

 International $400.00

50 Lacoste polos


Free within U.S.

Add $1 per shirt International

In U.S. $700.00

International $750.00

100 Lacoste polos

$13.00/ Each

Free within U.S.

Add $1 per shirt International

In U.S. $1300

 International $1400

Larger Quanities please Inquire!!!!!!!!


Important Details about Authentic Lacoste:


- Devanlay hem tag with Devanlay clearly stamped not written so it can barely be seen.


- Two slits on either side with matching length  at slit, No tail like on fake shirts and like on RL polo shirts.

 - Genuine mother of pearl buttons in Dark gray, Black, off-white. Imposters use plastic buttons that look a like but chip very easily.


  - European sizing:              3 4,5,6,7,8    for men                                     34,36,38,40,42,44    for Women


            - All solid color Lacoste polos are designed in France , made in Peru.


       - These  Lacoste pique stretch polos are all 05 colors, with 3 brand id tags; including the price tag and product tag.




Payment Instructions

An invoice will be emailed to the buyer after the offer has been accepted by both parties.  It will include the  quanity purchased, amount to be paid, description of items  purchased  and  payment instructions.

 Payment options include Paypal, Wire Transfer to U.S. Bank, Cashiers Check, Money orders (must be sent next day w/auction # on the money order and received within 3 days), NO PERSONAL CHECKS, NO ECHECKS, NO  BIDPAY!!!  An agreement to purchase this listing is a legal binding contract. 

 Payment must be received with in 5 days of sale agreement  ; If you CANNOT meet these requirements, we ask you kindly not to agree to purchase the items.



All lots of 25 or more are not eligible for return for money back or credit.  However, exchanges are available if the items do not meet with your approval.  All exchanges will be sent at buyers expense.  No Money Back will be given.

Defective merchandise will be exchanged for brand new items of the same style.


Shipping Details for Purchases:

All items are shipped from the distributor.  It takes 1216 days to receive items after your order has been placed.  When we receive payment your order is made within 36 hours of confirmation of funds.  You will receive tracking numbers on a merchandise when it is shipped. 



Important questions and answers to read before asking questions to seller:


Q: Can I pick specific sizes and colors for the shirts I purchase?                                                                                    

 Ans:  No sorry all of the items are assorted sizes and colors, No cherry picking!!!


Q: How long will it take for shipping?

Ans:  It take approximately 12-16 days. 


Q:  Are there any other charges besides cost of shirts? Like shipping costs?                                                                  

Ans:   Within the U.S. all pricing has shipping included.  If you live outside of the U.S. including Puerto Rico, Canada, and anywhere not in the lower 48 states it will be an additional $1 per shirt for shipping. Sorry, I cannot help this I do not get this money it is paid for shipping to the shipping company.                                                                             


Q:   Can I buy just one for the advertised price

Ans:  No, Sorry these prices are for quanities of 25 or more.  Please see pricing breakdown in table above for more specific information.