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99 Acura TL 6000K HID Low Beam Headlight Bulb


99 Acura TL 6000K HID Low Beam Headlight Bulb

Brand New in Box D2R Bulb 6000K HID 35W SUPER WHITE 6000K HID -

D2R Replacement Bulb for your vehicle.
These 6000K bulbs are much brighter
Whiter and Brighter than any other HID bulbs you've ever seen.

This is the best HID you will ever own!!
Normal Halogen Bulb D2R 6000K HID Bulb
Wattage (W) 50 35
Lumens (Lm) 1330 3500
Life Expectancy 350 hours 2000+ hours
Efficiency (Lm/W) 15 100
Irradiation Color Lighter White SUPER WHITE
Color Temperature (K) 2400 6000


  • D2R BULB. 35W. Xenon Gas Filled HID bulb. No Filament
  • 6000K color temperature. More light output
  • Highest quality
  • Longer life
  • Produce SUPER WHITE light and more intensity of lighting

High Intensity Discharge (HID)
More light output .
A 35W HID light source produced up to 3x brighter than the lumens at the light source when compared to a 55W halogen bulbs.
Platinum -White light .

The color temperature of HID lighting approximates the color temperature of natural daylight, while a halogen bulb will appear yellowish.
Greater visibility .
The combination of more light output and whiter color make for better visibility in most night time driving conditions.
Longer Life .
HID lamps will last, on the average over 2 times as long as halogen bulb.