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Here we have is Used Fire Bird 500 Tube Type Base Linear Amplifier sold as Tech Special which is Basically the same as to the Astro M-500 I had listed and sold already. This Amplifier has been tested and does work but not like its suppose to I believe the Driver Tube is Bad cause it lights up really bright and blue on high, it takes like 100 Watts input to make it Swing Out and which i did that and seen 700 Watts on my Bench I dont believe your supposed to have to do that to get it to work which this may very depending on how much stuff you have in line, what your SWR is, and what kind of Meter you have, and what kind of Antenna you have. This Amplifier has 4 Tubes in it 1 driving 3 and if i'm thinkin right Fire Bird uses the 6LQ6's but don't quote me on it i'm not the type of person who just wants to open up the cover on a linear to just see whats in there and get shocked. As you can see by the photo someone had changed one of the Rocker Switches with different one and also put a little Toggle Switch on it for High/Low Power. Sold as-is Tech Special if doesn't sell i'll have it fixed and it will be sold for allot more.

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