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1000 ENGLISH nds on Free Shipping : nintendo, nds, ds, dsL, Dsi,XL Just drag and drop onto your hard drive then into your sim card. Place in your R4 card and away you go. Practically title on the market available including Professor Layton, all the mario games, Sonic, all the brain training games, racing games, war games, cookery, Spiderman, Shrek, Madagascar, Sims,Harry Potter, Bratz, Chicken Little,Spongebob, barby, Star trek, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Lego AND HUNDREDS MORE! Other may be offering over 2000 games for a similar price but bear in mind that Quality is better than quantity, there's a load of rubbish games out there and a lot of their games will only be good to you if you understand Japanese! Thousands of hours of entertainment for a fraction of the retail price. All English Language.