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Cherry Master

Joker Poker

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I have been in the vending machine business since the early 1970's. One of the biggest machines that people have ever had the most fun with was Cherry Master. So I had all my Cherry Master games converted to be played on the computer. These are the games straight from the bars and pubs that you loved to play. They have the same exact play reels and excitement that you spent hours playing and hundreds of dollars on. I also included a version of Joker Poker because I used to love to play Joker Poker too.  Below are pictures of how the games will look and play exactly on your computer. I cannot stress enough how these are the exact games straight from the bars and pub, play exactly the same and bring back that same good feeling and excitement that you experienced all those great nights in your favorite spot. You cannot buy this in any store. It comes straight from my shop.

You are receiving 4 different Cherry Master games straight from the Bars and Pubs. 

You are getting 4 Cherry Masters and 1 Joker Poker. 

This can be played on Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and Vista.


You Are Getting 5 Games Altogether




BID NOW BEFORE IT'S TO LATE. Shipping/handling. $1.00 IN USA. OUTSIDE USA SHIPPING IS MORE. I do not combine shipping on items. Only Money Orders and PAY-PAL Accepted. Please Email me with any Questions. Winner of auction will be E-mailed with details. 

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You Cannot Buy This In Any Store!!!


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