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This is what you have been looking for.  THE weight loss pill....THE ephedra replacement....THE legend among bodybuilders.  Tiratricol, 90 count, 2mg capsules.  These will not last long..... I guarantee that. Looking for Ephedra? This puts ephedra to shame. No jitters, greater fat loss, faster results! Guggulsterones? Yeah, they work....about 1/20th as well as Tiratricol! Read the article below!!!!!! Buyer assumes full responsibility, use at your own risk! Check out my other sale for another awesome weight loss option, Biotest T2 Pro....  

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Read this article for more info:

Thyro Activator - TriMax - Triax: Fat Loss Report

What is Triax? & How does it work? To best explain the background of this product it is necessary to use the various names that refer to the same substance. So to eliminate confusion let me start off by breaking it down in the following manner:

Triac or Tiratricol = original pharmaceutical names (just like Acetaminophen is the pharmaceutical name of Tylenol)

Triacana = the brand name of the drug that is sold in Europe

TriMax, Triax, Tiratricol, Tri-cuts, Thyro Cuts, Thyro Activator & others = brand names of the US supplement (all of which are 100% triac or tiratricol)

The ingredient in Triax or Tiratricol is a drug originally from Europe called triac (also known as tiratricol). Specifically this compound is a naturally occurring metabolite of the endogenous thyroid hormone triiodothyronine (T-3). The thyroid gland in fact produces two primary hormones, identified as T-3 and T-4 (thyroxine, which converts to T-3 in the body). Together these structures are the main regulators of the body's metabolism.

Both of these basic hormones are also being synthetically manufactured, and are sold under the brand names (among others) of Cytomel (T-3) and Synthroid (T-4). Triac is a rapidly metabolized form of the T-3 hormone, and its action is comparatively much weaker than both Cytomel and Synthroid. When administered, all of these substances should markedly increase the metabolic rate. This basically means that the body will utilize nutrients at a much faster speed, due to increased cellular activity.

Triac has been in use for many decades and sold in Europe under the brand name Triacana. Back in the mid 1970s French bodybuilders discovered Triacanas amazing fat burning properties through their wives and girlfriends who were using it to lose weight. Because it was so effective they started using it to prepare for bodybuilding competitions.

Soon the use of Triacana spread like wildfire in gyms across the country because of it ability to speed up the metabolism. At the time, Triacana was partly responsible for raising the standard of "ripped" among bodybuilders of that period and is still in high demand. It also has become a favorite with female fitness and beauty contestants.

As you may know, bodybuilders need lots calories to maintain muscle mass. So leaning out can be especially difficult. With Triacana even in the offseason they could now increase their food intake, put on more muscle without additional fat. How is this possible?

Quite simply, Triacana causes the thyroid gland to naturally produce more thyroid hormone. In medical terms, this causes a "hypermetabolic state" the body instantly heat ups.....causing a rapid burning of fat even if you do not significantly reduce calories. Note what the following two publications state about Triacana:

Anabolics 2000 "Even without extreme dieting, Triacana (and related) can lower subcutaneous fat stores, bringing about a harder, more defined look as muscle features become more visible. Without the use of thyroid hormones, the athlete will no doubt be forced to diet much more extremely. This is often done at the expense of muscle tissue, as it is difficult to retain mass while the proper nutrients are being restricted."

"When looking to a thyroid product, the user obviously will have to decide which hormone to utilize. Triacana is the most popular choice since it is considered much safer than the others."

Anabolic Reference Guide "In the medical arsenal of bodybuilders, Triacana has had a firm place since the late 70s. After all, its lipolytic (fat burning) effect is sufficiently known. By a caloric intake which is higher than usual it is still possible to obtain a lower bodyfat content together with good muscle hardness. Although Triacana enjoys the reputation among athletes as a strong and especially effective fatburning thyroid hormone preparation, this preparation is a rather mild, well-tolerated and relatively harmless compound."

Is it useful just for athletes?
That's an obvious question since we have only made reference to how much competitive bodybuilders like it. But the purpose was to show just how well it works. Suffice it to say that if it can help a person attain 4% bodyfat, that it can assist you and I to reach more realistic levels.

Of course it goes without saying that there is absolutely no substitute for a good diet and exercise. I have always preached that there is no such thing as a magic pill and I still stick by that. But Triax is as close to one as I've seen. So to a limited extent it can cause fat reduction even in a sedentary person. We have had feedback from some customers with large amounts of weight to lose. They have had dramatic results even though they have difficulty doing much cardio at this point.

What is the difference between Triax and Tiratricol?
With the exception of the label there is no difference at all. Yet this is a question we get asked many times a day. To my knowledge all the triac (or tiratricol) products have been legit. I've personally used four different types and not seen any difference at all. It's just like going to the drug store and buying Ibuprofen for a headache. You might purchase Advil one time and the next time it might be the pharmacies brand. But it's still Ibuprofen and will work exactly the same.

We get asked all the time if Triax is as good as Tiratricol. In late 99, the question then was if Tiratricol was as good as Triax. Certainly understandable these days to make sure that you're buying legit product. I think the best evidence is in product results. We got great customer feedback from Tiratricol and Triax. I'm trying to make my point as simply as I can to avoid future confusion. Because currently we have Triax for sale does not mean that we will have that brand in two months. We might have to carry a different label or put it out in our own label. But as long as it is pure tiratricol and made at a quality lab, the name on the bottle should be irrelevant. We will always back our "triac products" with a money back guarantee.

Why is the FDA trying to ban it?
Well, that is the six million dollar question. Most government policies are dictated by money right? Can I be blunt here? Of course I can, it's my article. It's long been known that the FDA looks out for the interest of pharmaceutical companies. After all, they know who pays the bills. The drug industry has a huge amount of influence and very deep pockets. Bottom line is politics dictate policy.

There are currently three US drug companies that hold patents (patent number's 5,719,197, 5,656,286, and 5,446,070) for a topical version of tiratricol cream for fat reduction. It is also rumored that one company was going to begin marketing tiratricol as a safer thyroid drug to pharmaceutical chains. However they quickly learned that supplement companies were selling tiratricol products to retail customers. It was shortly after this that the FDA began warning of the dangers of the product. The following is their statement:

FDA WARNS AGAINST CONSUMING TRIAX METABOLIC ACCELERATOR The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to purchase or consume the product Triax Metabolic Accelerator, containing the active ingredient tiratricol.

The product is being marketed as a dietary supplement for weight-loss purposes by Syntrax Innovations, Inc., of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. FDA has determined, however, that this product is not a dietary supplement but an unapproved new drug containing a potent thyroid hormone, which may cause serious health consequences including heart attacks and strokes.

The chemical name for the active ingredient in the product is triiodothyroacetic acid (TRIAC). Through its MedWatch reporting system, FDA has recently learned of several individuals who were found to have abnormal thyroid function test results while using Triax. These individuals had sought medical attention because of symptoms such as severe diarrhea, fatigue, lethargy or profound weight loss.

FDA is aware that this product is being sold through retail establishments and on the internet. The agency urges all individuals who may have purchased this product or any other product containing TRIAC to stop using it immediately and, in addition, to consult their health care professional if they are experiencing any adverse effects, which may include insomnia, nervousness, sweating and diarrhea.

So there you have it and to my knowledge no other statements have been forthcoming from the FDA. Am I afraid that printing their warning will hurt sales? Not at all. If their claims make you hesitant to use it, you shouldn't. It's that simple.

Fact of the matter is, that anytime the FDA seeks to remove a product from consumers it drives the popularity way up. Because it is a telltale sign that a product works. It's funny because I can put together a totally bogus supplement, make all kinds of claims and not ever be in legal trouble. But when we sell a product that lives up to label claims then we have to worry.

The hardest pill to swallow (no pun intended) is the double standard that seems to be blatantly obvious. The worst case being tobacco, but don't get me started on that. But lately we have seen many drugs given the FDA's fast track approval system because of the huge potential for profits. Drugs such as Viagra, Xenical and other weight loss drugs. All of which have some side effects but are relatively easy to get.

SYNTRAX Viewpoint
Here are my comments (Derek Cornelius, owner of Syntrax Innovations) regarding the FDA's press release regarding Syntrax Innovations, Inc. product called Triax.

1. There are at least 6 other manufactures of Tiratricol (active ingredient in Triax) currently in the US. The FDA has failed to contact them in any way about the sale of this nutritional compound. Only Syntrax Innovations, Inc. has been contacted and harassed by the FDA.

2. We have been informed by the FDA that tiratricol is a life threatening drug. On the contrary, tiratricol has been sold in other countries for the past thirty years for weight loss purposes with an impeccable safety record. It is also classified under the DSHEA Act as a dietary supplement. Thyroid hormones consist of T4 and T3. Tiratricol is a metabolite of T3, is not a thyroid hormone, is not dangerous and had very favorable metabolic effects. The FDA has a history of Gestapo type action against companies that market very effective nutriceutical compounds that threaten the pocketbooks of the large pharmaceutical companies. Syntrax Innovations, Inc. has sold nearly 100,000 bottles of Triax without a single complaint. In fact, some individuals have lost over 100 pounds in a 6 month period with Triax with no negative side effects. Furthermore, there are many medical doctors throughout the country, which have been recommending Tiratricol to their patients with great results.

3. According to the FDA, the only research they did on this compound was to look in the Merck Index, which states that it is a thyroid replacement. Unfortunately, the Merck Index is incorrect. The FDA should be responsible enough to research this type of situation thoroughly before acting - the Merck Index is not sufficient! Syntrax Innovations, Inc. is in the process of going to court against the FDA on this issue. This is a situation which is very much like the situation surrounding red yeast ricc extract and lovastaun - the FDA called this a drug and harassed a company for selling it . The FDA lost though in court when it was confirmed a dietary supplement. The FDA should be financially liable for irresponsible behavior such as this.

4. The FDA states that serious health consequences can occur such as heart attacks and strokes. This is a blatant lie. There is absolutely no data from any source which shows that tiratricol increases the risk of these diseases. In fact, in other countries, tiratricol is sold for purposes to lower cholesterol to help cardiovascular conditions. Furthermore, tiratricol is effective against osteoporosis. These statements are irresponsible and terribly misleading from the FDA.

I do need to point out that since Syntrax released this statement in October of 99 that the FDA has closed down many other operations.

What the debate really comes down to is whether triac (or tiratricol) is a drug according to US law. The FDA says it is, but companies like Syntrax claim they will prove in court that triac falls under the classification as a supplement according to the 1994 Supplement Act sponsored by Senator Hatch. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

How can any potential side effects be avoided?
As with any drug or potent supplement, side effects can be avoided by using the product as directed. If too much Triax is taken and or for too long then you are running the risk of suppressing your own thyroid output permanently. So please take note of the proper dosage and cycling info before purchasing.

The only people who should be careful with Triac and should seek the advise of their physician before use are pregnant or nursing women, those with heart disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, hyper-anxiety, or a hyper-sensitivity to iodine. Outside of that group Triac has been used safely for decades by healthy individuals.

But what about the heart attacks and strokes? They use the words "may cause" and do not offer any evidence to back that claim up. I sure can't find anything to substantiate it either.

Insomnia and nervousness?
This could apply if you are extremely sensitive to stimulants. I can only say that we have recieved no complaints of this and would like the stimulant effect to half a cup of instant coffee. In fact, I take my last dose before bed.

Severe diarrhea?
That could happen if you were to take too much at one time. Again more is not always better.

Yes that can and will happen. If you have ever used a fat burning product (also known as thermogenics) you experienced a slight temperature rise. Being a metabolic stimulator Triax will also cause some sweating. It just means that's it working.

Profound weight loss?
Hmmm. Do I really need to say anything here?

How much longer will it be around?
That's a real tough call. Would it be considered vague if I said "could be weeks, months or years?" From what I understand Syntrax has yet to get their date in court with the FDA. Something about delay tactics, but I'm not sure. In the meantime, the FDA must be feeling like they are trying to fill in gopher holes. As soon as they close down a source, another one opens up.

So who knows. I wish, I could guarantee a certain time frame but I can't, it's too unpredictable. But I'm also not telling you to stock up while you can. I hate it when supplement companies make a big deal over that. Many are already doing that with the prohormones, even though we are long way from anything happening.

What is the best way to cycle Triax?
Daily dosage: I'll start off by quoting the Anabolic Reference Guide for how athletes have been dosing. "In order to achieve a visible fat-reducing effect most athletes must usually take 10-14 tablets/day. Generally, two 0.35mg. tablets are taken on the first day of intake and with two tablets added each successive day until 10-14/day are taken. The half life time of Triacana is 5-7 hours, so it is usually taken 3-4 times daily. This guarantees a constant quantity of the substance in the blood and thus a continued effect."

Now let me breakdown how that works with Triax. Its a little difficult to match up but not impossible. Triax comes in 1000 mcg. capsules or 1 mg. The French Triacana comes in 0.35 mg. tabs or the same as 350 mcg. So Phillips says that a daily dose of 3500 mcg to 4900 mcg should be worked up to. So that would translate to once capsule four times a day, preferably every 4-5 hours. But to start off, take one the first day and build up from there. Some of our male customers have had better success with two capsules 3 times daily, especially if over 200 lbs.

Length of cycle: Again lets first check in with the Anabolic Reference Guide. "As for the duration of application the opinions of athletes vary greatly. Some use Triacana for only 4 weeks, mostly because they are afraid of thyroid dysfunction. Others take it over a period of months. The fear that thyroid production will be continuously disturbed or suppressed is without reason since this is a reversible, temporary process."

Some manufacturers state not to use for more than 16 continuous weeks but I would say a conservative course would be 6 weeks on and 2 off. Some may even choose 2 weeks on and 1 off. I would also add that at the end of your chosen cycle period if you gradually reduce the amount of Triax taken you will avoid any "bounce-back" time.

Start by taking one capsule on day one Add one cap a day until desired dosage 4 Triax capsules daily every four hours At the end of cycle taper off by one a day 4- 6 weeks on - 2 weeks off Take a few months off after 5 cycles.

Can it be stacked with other fat burners?
Yes, it can. Because it has a very low stimulant effect it can be used with any thermogenic formula. We have found the most effective ones to be Adipokinetix or Lipokinetix. Dymetadrine Extreme or just plain stacking one Caffeine 200 mg capsule with one Ephedrine 25 mg cap.

If you're using Adipokinetix or Lipokinetix start off with one a day in the morning, building up to one cap three times a day. This ensures you can handle the stimulant effects. The directions say up to six but most will not be able to handle that much. Also be sure not to use any in the evening.

6 Days per week for 4 - 6 weeks on and two off.

Many are also using a product called Guggulbolic with Triax. Guggulbolic is a very special, high-potency guggul extract which conforms to all Ayurvedic standards of extraction. More simply put it is an herb that originates in India and has been used extensively in Europe. Guggulbolic has been shown in studies to also increase the rate of fat loss by increasing thyroid hormone levels. The effect is not as pronounced as Triax but many use it when they come off Triax to continue the fat burning process. Unlike Triax though Guggulbolic can be used continuously and does not have to be cycled.

Guggulbolic has also been shown to reduce acne conditions and to reduce cholesterol levels as effectively as many cholesterol-reducing drugs. Guggulbolic works extremely well stacked with Adipokinetix and should be taken at a dosage of 1 capsule, 3-4 times per day. This is a great compound that many can reap benefits from.

What kind of fat loss can be expected on a cycle?
This is always a tough question to answer because individual results can vary greatly. If I had to average the fat loss in pounds I would say that it is 10-12 lbs for women and 15-18 for men in the first month. We have heard higher and lower of course. The weight loss is always greater in those that have more to lose or those who diet and or exercise religiously. Individual metabolisms also vary of course.

I should also add that if you lose say 20 lbs on your cycle chances are you won't lose as much on your second or third. But of course the same is true of any fat loss product or program.


My name is Scott Needens, and I am 32 years old. I started weightlifting when I was 16 years old. I always was motivated by the weightlifting mags. The bodybuilders were huge and ripped.

When I started my thoughts and efforts in the gym were centered around getting as big as I possibly could. I got up as high as 230 Ilb's, and was fairly lean, but I could not seem to get the razor sharp cuts that the guys in the mags had. So I did all kinds of different things ie: dieting almost to were I was starving myself, this did not work. I took all of the themogenics to burn fat, which were fairly effective, but not to my complete satisfaction. I did 1 hour of cardio 5 days a week. None of these things got me to were I wanted to be. So I kind of gave up on the getting ripped thing, and just bulked up. I got up to 245 Ilb's and felt miserable.

I got on the internet one day searching for the latest in fat burning supplements, and found Certified Sports Nutrition. I called and talked to Mark about Triax. He told me that Triax was proving to be the most effective fat burning product on the market. He said that people were getting down to 5 to 6% bodyfat. I thought to myself, sure I've heard that before. But I was miserable so I thought what the hell!

I started the product in April of 2000. It only took a week, and I started to see results. The first two weeks I lost about 10 Ilb's. Considering how fast I lost 10 Ilbs's I was amazed that I was not losing muscle mass or strength. The next two weeks I was on about the same pace and continued to lose. At the end of one month I discontinued the use of Triax and used Guggulbolic for two weeks and continued to stay lean.

Starting my second cycle of Triax, I weighed around 220 Ilbs. I was getting lean but still wanted to be ripped!!! By the second week of my 2nd cycle I was down to 212 Ilbs, my body fat was measured at 7%. I decided to continue my cycle. I'm now at 203lb's and my body fat is now at 5.5%.

This is the best I've ever looked and felt! Enclosed are pics to back up what I'm saying. I firmly stand behind these three products and highly recommend them for people that want to change how they look and feel!!!

Good Luck! Scott.

P.S. I have been off the products and watching my diet and have not gained any weight back. It really works!!!

We should have Scott's before and after pics up on the website real soon. Very impressive!

Here is one from a female customer:

My name is Debbie and I am 26 years old. I am currently Ms Plus Missouri - a national pageant for women over a size 16.

After I got married, I began to gain back all of the weight I had previously lost due to illness. I tried to lose the weight by diet and exercise but just continued to gain until I had reached my highest adult weight ever. I seeked the advice of my family doctor who told me to "cut back and start exercising." How was I going to exercise when I felt so horrible? Even walking was beginning to be a chore. My knees hurt so bad at night I would often cry to my husband.

Then, while surfing the Internet, I found information on Triax. I continued to do research, seeking out the "pro" and "con" side of Triax. I read all I could and them formed my own opinion. I made the decision to take Triax stacked with Adipokenetix. As the research showed, taking both together increased the effectiveness.

I received the first bottle of each the day before Thanksgiving. I began taking them immediately. After taking them for a few weeks, I didn't really feel any different. I was just as tired when I went to bed at night. Then I looked around the house and realized how much stuff I was accomplishing each day! I was getting more done each day than I had in 3 years. So, the energy increase was there.

I did not have any side effects such as diarrhea, fatigue, or lethargy as I had read could happen. I noticed I was slowly losing weight, even though I had not changed my eating habits. It seemed to be about 8-10 pounds per month - - even through the Christmas season.

Now I sit here, 6 months later, and 51 pounds lighter. I feel so much better. Now that I have a jump-start on the weight loss, I have begun to change my eating habits to a healthy, balanced meal plan. I also walk 3 times a week and have begun a toning regimen. I went from a size 22 to a size 16. As a matter of fact, if I lose much more weight, I will not be able to compete in the "plus" division in pageants. So I have decided to lose about 45 more pounds and tone my body so that I can compete in the Mrs. America pageant system. It will be a lot of work but not impossible. The only limitations in this world are the ones you make for yourself!

I owe my success to Triax and my will to succeed. Triax gave me the upper edge I needed to obtain the goals I dreamed of!

Debbie Miller Ms Plus MO Blue Springs, MO

The list of success stories goes on and on. Ranging from those who lead very sedentary lives to professional athletes. I too lost 20 lbs my first month on Triax.

Will it also be useful for muscle building?
Because Triax has become enormously popular as a fat loss supplement its ability to assist in putting on lean mass is usually overlooked. Notice what the book The Anabolic Edge has to say:

"Triacana actually increases protein metabolism. In association with this there is is research now to suggest that the right dose of Triacana can enhance steroid effectiveness by up to 20%. This is a major advantage. You also get an inhibitory effect on the production of ACTH and therefore cortisol."

Does that mean that you have to be on steroids to get an anticatabolic effect. Not necessarily, adding small amounts of thyroid hormone can assist muscle building in that it will contribute with your bodies testosterone and growth hormone. The Syntrax company says to take one capsule a day for bodybuilding.

I should point out for our female customers that taking more will not result in unwanted muscularity. We have had many calls from them after reading the label. Let me assure you that muscle is never obtained that easily.

Why Most Diets Fail & How Triax Can Help
All of us have had failed dieting attempts. The first week or so goes well and the weight starts to come off. So were encouraged. Then we hit a plateau. Weight loss becomes so slow that it seems that we have no choice but to lower our calories again. But soon this becomes unbearable; we give up and soon return to the weight we started at.

Part of the reason why we plateau is because of our bodys defense mechanism. When you reduce calories the body will begin lowering the conversion of T4 to active T3. This slows your metabolism and thus you will not burn as many calories. So youre really back where you started. Some even gain more weight.

With Tiratricol supplementation you can avoid the whole dieting dilemma. You can even speed up your metabolism if you want. At the same time you can design an eating plan that gives you enough food to also keep your metabolism running high. Plus you get to eat more like a human. Much easier to stick to a diet where you dont have to be hungry all the time.

Some also have difficulty losing weight because their thyroid hormone output is low to begin with. This little self test was passed on to me by a physician. One indicator of low thyroid function is if your morning body temperature is below 97%. Keep the thermometer at bedside and take it as soon as you awaken. Moving around may not give you an accurate reading. If it is below though dont panic, but you should consult your physician to make sure.

Four years ago I was looking for a legal alternative to building a better physique. I flew out to an endocrinologist in Palm Springs, Ca who specialized in helping his clients with those goals. His program consisted of growth hormone shots, a testosterone gel, DHEA and thyroid hormone. He explained that boosting my T3 level was necessary to raising my testosterone, GH and DHEA levels in the blood so as to facilitate better muscle growth. Kind of like adding a higher grade fuel to your gas tank for better performance. All of those products were illegal without a doctors prescription at the time. The cost was about $1,200 a month.

The situation has completely changed now. DHEA has been available for a while now along with the far better testosterone precursors Androdiol-4 and 19-Norandrostenedione. Two years ago we began having legitimate growth hormone available for sublingual use. Now we have thyroid supplements as well to help it all along. All of those at a far more economical cost of about $150 per month. Granted the testosterone precursors dont work as well as testosterone and the growth hormone is not the injectable kind. But if done right, these compounds can assist in adding many new pounds of muscle to our frames. With the addition of Tiratricol, staying lean at the same time has now become easier.

Many though are far more interested in these hormones for life extension or antiaging purposes. We get many calls from people who use them to feel better and more energetic. It seems that society in general is finally waking up to the fact that this notion of "growing old gracefully" sucks! There's nothing wrong with getting old or acting your age, but it doesn't mean that we have to let our bodies go to hell. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with taking whatever safe measures necessary to maintain health and vitality at any age.

As far as I'm concerned the most important part of staying young is in your attitude. Not being afraid to take on new challenges and being open to new and different ideas. But it's a fact that as we age our hormone levels decline which means that while we have accumulated wisdom and resources to enjoy life more, physically we can't do what we once did. I think we'll see continual progress in hormone therapy for many years to come.