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This listing is for 700+ Batman Comics on DVD. Read your favorite comics on your computer. Easy to store and takes up very little space.

Listing includes CBR reader on the dvd.

740 Batman 14.2 GB
Batman 0-710
Batman Annuals 1-28
Batman 1,000,000
Batman Archives Vol 1

63 Batman Adventures
Batman Adventures v1 1-36 (1992)
Batman Adventures v1 Annuals 1-2 (1994)
Batman Adventures v2 1-17 (2003)
Batman Adventures The Lost Years 1-5 (1998)
Batman Adventures v1 Holiday Special (1995)
Batman Adventures Free Comic Book Day (2003)
Batman Adventures-Mad Love (1994)

If you are interested in multiple smaller series, I am wiling to charge the same price as listed as long as all the choices will fit on one dvd. Simply contact me with what you would like.

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