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  1000 Papaver somniferum Pepperbox Breadseed Poppy Seeds


Papaver somniferum

Pepperbox Breadseed Poppies
One gorgeous ornamental plant, our Pepperbox Breadseed Poppy has mixed colored flowers that produce the tiny seeds that classic bread and dessert bakers crave. This 2’ to 3’ tall heirloom should be grown as an annual although it may well overwinter in more temperate climates. Sow seed directly into the garden in late fall or very early spring. Unfortunately, you will have to decide if you want to grow it for cut flowers or for its seed: you cannot have both. For seed production, allow the flowers to bloom and die back and for the seed pods to grow and develop. The poppy seeds have a unique nutty aroma and unriveled taste that are perfect in lemon-poppy seed pound cake, sweet poppy seed salad dressing, savory breads and as a decorative and tasty garnish over special fall salads.

Most poppies are very easy to grow.
They are a favorite of gardeners in every state for rock gardens, flower beds, containers, and most anyplace that you want color.
Since poppies are self-sowing,
if you allow them to go to seed you may only need to plant them once.

Freely re-seeds itself.

   Grows 2-3 feet high.

   Plant in Spring or Fall.

  Seed to bloom: 14 weeks
Full sun to partial shade
Soil: Any, well-drained

  Growing instructions included.

This sale is for 1000 seeds.  

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