Item Description
Designed based on advance micro
“Windows on Chip” technology, with a weight of less
than 1.6 Lbs.
It is
ideal for business people on the go, students, children and home
users. You can surf the net, send emails, instant messaging, study,
compose documents, manage accounts and spreadsheets, view
PowerPoint presentations and lots of other work.  You can
watch movies and listen to music on the SD card or the Flash Drive.
Perfect in college to take notes and do online assignments. It
easily fits in a bookbag or purse and it is the lightest netbook
available. Websites with a lot of photos and detailed content take
a little bit of time to load up all the way, but any website that
is mainly text, loads in a matter of seconds. You can use this
netbook to check email. You can pull it out anywhere there is a
wifi hotspot and check your messages, send an email or just browse
the web.