Item Description
Better than 2 day diet pills

One of the Most popular weight Loss capsules made by American Teqhnique


winner of many award for its affect on weight loss.

The company stand by there stament

"For over centuries people have pursued to lose weight to fulfill an

eternal beautiful body. This product eliminates that search. By various

raw plant materials, refined they have found the secret to dissolve

fat. The composition of HGH enters the bowel way first, then enters the

human body circularly with its own body fluid. Reaching hidden fat and

helping the body eliminate it. It is best rated as a weight reducer and

fat burner."

These pill should be taken 1/2 an hr before breakfast 1once a day.

It will help you through out the day at eliminate fat and decrease of


There 400mg(STRONG) so dont exceed dosage.



*Bitter d tea


*Torae Semen

* HUA Q12 Shen


*Lowgather Thefmuose

*Left Meat Alkali

* Malic acid.

For better results this product should be taken with warm water to help

capsule dissolve quicker. Also with a pre- cleanse like Aloe colon

Cleanse Pills .

Please consult with a physician before starting this or any dietary

natural product. Not intended for children under the age of 18 and

pregnant or nursing women, Not for Individuals with High Blood pressre,

heart problems or under medication. Natural dietary supplements should

not be mixed with any medications prescribed by a physician