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U.S. super-fat incendiary selected U.S. natural plant extracts Konciny their nuts the most effective active-ching fat diet composition, with the Ginkgo biloba, dietary fiber, Aloe vera and a variety of vitamins and other ingredients crafted, it is safe, efficient, healthy Qing fat diet foods, the body can quickly break down the existing fat and speed up the stubborn fat energy metabolism, and inhibit the intestinal absorption of dietary fat meal, is the latest model of natural quick weight loss healthy foods.




SUPER FAT BURNING Slimming Weight loss Diet pills

Efficacy:  slimming, detoxification
Specification:   250mg × 60 capsules / bottle
Usage and dosage : once a day, two each  
Ingredients: Konciny nuts, ginkgo, cellulose, Kula aloe and multi- vitamin and so on

Note:   children, pregnant women, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease can not use. 

This product is not a substitute for the role of drug therapy.