Item Description
Japan Ling Zhi Toxin Discharged Diet Tea
Ganoderma Beauty skin diet tea
30 Pack/ boxes

Very popular in the United States and Europe, Original from GMP manufacture.

Specifitions: 3g*30 pack / box
Ingredients: glossy ganoderma, Gynostemma entaphyllum P.E, Ginkgo leaf, ssia seed, Tea polyphenols, France rose


Ganoderma Beauty skin diet tea is using the finest, highest quality herbs, blended in exact proportions. The main ingredient, (Reishi - in Japanese or Red Ganoderma), is recognized as the number one most beneficial and nature`s rarest herb, known for its miraculous health benefits.
It burns body fat by increasing metabolic rate, promoting clear healthy skin, eliminating toxins, improving digestion, increasing the flow of energy to the body and mind, promoting lmer, more positive peaceful emotions.

Mechanism of action:

The function of glossy ganoderma: Ganoderma lucidum is one of the most precious treasures in the treasure house of nese medicine .It enjoys the reputation of weed that can prolong our lives. Ancient and modern pharologil and clinil studies has proved that it has the function of deng and curing diseases.
Ganoderma beauty skin diet tea (Lingzhi) is a delicious and satisfying herbal beverage used for aim of beauty and healthy. it is a powerful detoxifying decoction, it is actually a remarkable all-purpose herbal tonic. Ganoderma beauty skin diet Tea is a powerful stimulant to the entire digestive process, especially the stoh, liver and digestive side of the pancreas. It cleanses the skin and detoxifies the blood, liver and gallbladder. It stimulates the liver to produce more bile and then flushes away the bile and fats that congest your liver and gallbladder.

Ganoderma Beauty skin diet tea:

1. Speed up decomposing neutral fat
2. Repress sugar absorbing
3. Prevent storing up of neutral fat
4. Discharge toxin and urine
5. Prevent mouths off-odor
6. Regulate organic balance
7. Treat those who suffer from constipation


To reduce weight and alleviate lasting constipation
* 2 or 3 packs per day soak in boiling water for 8 minutes
* And a tea bag n be reused several times
* To alleviate ocnal constipation and clear the intestine
* 1 pack per day, soak in boiling water for 2 minutes and
a tea bag n be reused several times.
* Drink after meals will have better effect.

Taboo user:

Women at gestational and lactation periods, patients with heart disease,
hepatopathy, kidney disorder

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