Item Description

I am offering a 100% AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton Ellipse Moyen Modele

(MM - the medium size)


This bag is on sale for FAR lower than what it's worth! I bought this used so this item doesn't come with a dustbag or cards but the bag itself by looking at the pictures will tell you it is really 100% Genuine LV! Don't miss this great deal!!

 I very much understand the worry about buying fake bags that are claimed to be authentic, but I would NEVER claim that a fake bag is an authentic bag! Even so I  HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO VERIFY THE AUTHENTICITY OF THIS BAG WITH MYPOUPETTE!!! I will fully refund the $10 authentication fee from Mypoupette after you purchase the purse if you send me the "thank you for your purchase" email from them with the transcripts!! (showing that you sent them this link and they're reply saying it's authentic).

DESCRIPTION: This bag is made of Louis Vuitton brown monogram canvas and beautiful dark patina colored leather (from age). There are two handles that connect to the top of the bag. The interior of the bag is made with brown fabric and there is one open pocket for either a cell phone or lipsticks or small papers, whatever you'd like really. There is also a D-ring on the inside. The measurements of the bag are about 15" L (at the longest) by 12" H and the handles have about a 4.5" drop (it fits easily over my arm). It holds tons of stuff with lots of style!!



CONDITION: This bag is in very used condition, but it has a ton of life left! I bought this bag in this condition about a month ago and have used it a number of times and it's just wonderful! I would have kept it for a very long time had I not found my new bag. As stated above, the leather all over is very dark patina which is just lovely(please note the first picture to see a black portion of the handle on the top left), and also because of age the handles are SUPER SOFT!! It's so wonderful to hold! There is moderate wear to the leather, canvas, and interior of the bag pretty much all over, mostly small marks, some wearing and some dirt. There are stains on the interior of the bag but they're small, you won't even notice them when the bag is full (I didn't). There are two points of damage to point out, which is the same type of damage on either side (last two pictures). This damage is that on the bottom right side (of both front and back) there is a portion of stitching right near the piping that has come loose so there is a gap. These gaps DO NOT connect to the interior of the bag (you can see this in the pictures) and in NO WAY affected how I used the bag. No one even noticed them, including me (except when I specifically looked at them).

 I've described this bag to the best of my ability but please LOOK THROUGHLY AT THE PICTURES!!  

PAYMENT/RETURNS: I accept Paypal so that we are both protected! I offer a %100 money back guarantee on authenticity, so if you find that this bag is not authentic (you won't :)) then send me all papers showing so and I will fully refund your money once you return the bag. I don't like to do returns otherwise, so please make sure that this is the bag that you want before you make an offer!  Payments should be received within 3 days after auction otherwise negative feedback will be given :)


UK - $15.00

US -  $25.00

other INTERNATIONAL - $35.00 with insurance


 If you have any questions please do ask me!! Again, this bag is a 100% AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton Ellipse MM at a FANTASTIC price!! Thank you so much for looking!! Good luck and don't hesitate to make an offer!