Item Description
l 100% Brand New
l High Quality
l Compatible with All Laptops/Notebooks .
l USB as power source.
l No power adapter necessary, device is powered through your USB port.
l Ergonomic design for easy typing.
l Plug and play, no switch to fumble with (device will automatically power on once plugged in).
l This cooling pad is super quiet, only 20 db loud that just like a whisper.
l Cool blue light with stylish design.
l Truly plug-and-play, hot swappable.
l Perfect for portable user.
Specifications : l Air Flow : 30 CFM
l Speed : 3000 RPM
l Noise : 21dBA
l Voltage : DC 5V
l Power : 1.3W
l Current : 0.26A
l 3 pcs fan : 6 X 6 X 1.5cm
l Dimension : 28 X 24 X 3cm
Package Included : 1 x Cooling Pad
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